Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Aare Gorge - in Hasli Valley

© P. di Renzo

The power of water is impressively displayed in the Aare Gorge near Meiringen. Through the course of millennia the river has eroded a deep bed in the limestone. The entire ravine can be effortlessly hiked on foot, thanks to bridges and tunnels.The Aare Gorge between Meiringen and Innertkirchen is nearly 200 meter deep and hardly more than a meter wide at its narrowest point. The fascinating, narrow gorge is the result of a limestone rocks, the "Kirchet", which hindered the flow of the Aare from the Grimsel region. Over the course of millenia, the water has eroded various paths - today's Aare Ravine is the most recent of those paths.

Since the end of the 19th century, the 1.4 kilometer long adventure gorge can be reached by safe bridges and tunnels. There is a large parking lot and a restaurant at the main entrance, to the East of Meiringen. It takes about 40 minutes to hike through to the other entrance/exit, on the opposite side, namely, the Innertkirchen side.