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Inside the Cologne Cathedral in Germany
The main attraction of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany is the architecture of the building. The 12 bells of the Cologne Cathedral, some of which came from the medieval age, are also considered as a highlight here.
Treasures inside the Cologne Cathedral in Germany
High Altar
There is a lot of treasures inside the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. And one of the treasures of the cathedral is the “High Altar” that was installed in the year 1322. It was made from black marble, with a solid slab 15 feet (or 4.6 meters) long forming the top. The front and the sides of the High Altar are overlaid with white marble niches into which are set figures, with the Coronation of the Virgin Mary at the center.
Shrine of the Three Kings
The most celebrated artwork that can be found inside the Cologne Cathedral in Germany is the Shrine of the Three Kings, that was commissioned by Philip von Heinsberg, the archbishop of Cologne from the year 1167 to 1191 and was created by Nicholas of Verdun, began in the yer 1190. It holds the remains of the “Three Wise Men,” whose relics were acquired by Frederick Barbarossa at the conquest of Milan in the year 1164. The Shrine of the Three Kings takes the form of a large reliquary in the shape of a Basilican Church, that was made of bronze and silver, gilded and ornamented with architecture details, enamels, figurative sculpture and gemstones. The Shrine of the Three Kinds was opened in the year 1864 and was found to contain the bones and garments of the Three Wise Men.
Near the sacristy is the “Gero-Kreuz,” which is a large crucifix carved in oak and with traces of paint and gilding. The Gero-Kreuz to have been commissioned around 960 for Archbishop Gero, it is also considered as the oldest large crucifix north of the Alps and the earliest-known large free-standing Northern sculpture of the medieval period.
Mailänder Madonna
The Mailänder Madonna or also known as the “Milan Madonna” can be found inside the Sacrament Chapel, dating from the year 1290. The Milan Madonna is a wooden sculpture depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus. The altar of the patron saints of Cologne with an altar piece by the International Gothic painter, Stephan Lochner is in the Marienkapelle or also known as the St. Mary’s Chapel. The altar also houses the relics of Saint Irmgardis.
The Altarpiece of the Three Kings by Stephan Lochner.
Other artworks are to be found in Cologne Cathedral’s Treasury.