Thursday, 11 April 2013

Boyne Valley in County Meath,Ireland

The fertile Boyne Valley in County Meath first attracted settlers during the Stone Age. Remains of this ancient civilisation are plentiful in the area and include Newgrange, the finest Neolithic tomb in Ireland.

In Celtic times, the hill of Tara became the seat of the High Kings of Ireland and was the Celts' spiritual and political capital. Tara retained its importance up until the Norman invasion in the 1100s.

Meath's rich soil has sustained hunters and farmers from ancient times up to the present day and has permitted artisans and craftsmen to create complex structures such as Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth and the passage graves of Lough Crew.

The breathtaking beauty of the Boyne Valley still retains its capacity to attract visitors today just as it attracted the Celts and Normans centuries ago.

Apart from historical sites and beautiful views, the Royal County, as Meath is known, boasts a wide range of activities. Angling, shooting and horseriding are all readily available. Cycling is an ideal way to explore the treasures of this county.