Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fermanagh, Ireland

The majestic River Erne winds through the centre of County Fermanagh. It expands into two large lakes - Upper and Lower Lough Erne - both of which are dotted with islands.

The area around Lower Lough Erne boasts a rich combination of natural and historic sights. From pre-Christian times, settlers sought the security offered by the lough's forests and inlets. Monasteries were founded on several of its many islands.

Today, the lake is home to water birds such as ducks, grebes and kingfishers, and the trout-rich waters attract hoards of anglers.

Exploring Lough Erne by land or by boat is a delightful experience. In summer, ferries serve several islands and cruisers are available to hire.

The limestone hills in the west of the county contain many interesting cave systems. The towns and villages of Fermanagh are welcoming and friendly.