Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut Nature Park

Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut
This park is located in the cantons of Fribourg (Freiburg) and Vaud, between the shores of Lake Geneva, La Gruyère (Greyerzerland) and Pays D'Enhaut (Saanenland). The entire region is defined by an extraordinary harmony between man, culture and nature.The characteristic landscape - with wide valley basins, Alpine pastures, forests, pastures, rock faces and fields of scree - bears witness to hundreds of years of interaction with the local population. .

This nature park is the cradle of Alpine cheese making. The region produces tradition-rich cheeses such as Gruyère, L'Etivaz and Fribourg’s famous Vacherin. In the past, the traders of the region were referred to as “Cheese Barons”. Folk festivals, customs and traditions testify to this day to the population’s attachment to their homeland.

Important nature reserves such as the Pierreuse or the valley of L'Etivaz make up the heart of the Nature Park and are popular excursion destinations for visitors who like to observe nature close-up.

Slate-covered Alpine barns and stables, historic buildings in the villages, stone and wooden bridges across the Saane and Hongrin Rivers, as well as the monastery at Valsainte and the "Grand Chalet" in Rossinière tell the story of bygone times.