Thursday, 4 April 2013

Indian Food


Possibly this is because South India is too warm to drink meat throughout the year. Indian cooking is wealthy in flavour and fragrance. One can enjoy several of dishes and food variety in India as the food routine of nation here change from state to state. Indians use a lot of spices, green chillies in their food. chilling winters and in between cold monsoons. Moreover The food habits of North Indians are remarkably different from South Indians. Indians use a batch of spices to train their plate’s .north Indians are non-vegetarians. As against this, While South Indians are generally vegetarians, North India has burning summers, the authority of Muslims has artificial dietry habit of North Indians.
A typical thalli contains some rice in the centre, few breads of wheat, two vegetables and one dal. Eating from a 'thalli'(a metal plate or banana leaf) is quite general in most parts of India.  After this sweet dish is serve and this is widespread practice common in several households and restaurants.
The western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan eat a lot of achaar ( pickles) due to paucity of fresh vegetables. Punjabi takes a lot of lassie (buttermilk) and corn bread.
Indian Specialities
·                     Biryani
·                     Baji
·                     Chappati
·                     Idli
·                     Upma
·                     Bonda
·                     Dosa
·                     DumAloo
·                     RajmaChawl
·                     DumGosht
·                     GulabJamun
·                     Rasgulla
·                     Coconut Barfi