Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Open Air Museum Ballenberg

Since the 1970s old farmhouses, stables, bakehouses or barns are no longer demolished when they are due to be replaced by modern buildings. Instead, the buildings are dismantled stone by stone, and rebuilt in the Ballenberg Open Air Museum.What began in 1978 with 16 characteristic Swiss buildings, is today an extensive exhibition with about 100 residential and agricultural buildings from all over Switzerland, on a 66 hectare large area: this is the Ballenberg Open Air Museum. The historic buildings and their kitchens, chambers and living rooms illustrate rural life in Switzerland. 

But Ballenberg Museum really comes to life thanks to the original and authentic cultivation of useful plants, the over 250 domestic farm animals and thanks to the craftsmen and farmers who work with traditional tools. Thematic exhibitions and special events about culture and customs complement the offerings.