Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Seven Springs - sources of the Simme River

Lenk i.S.
Seven springs feed the Simme, a 55 kilometer long river in the Bernese Oberland. The waterfalls cascading over rocks that are several meters high are definitely worth a visit. The Simme's springs and rapids are considered to be places of special power.The Simme River flows through the eponymous valley in the Bernese Oberland from Lenk to Wimmis near Spiez. The Simmen source bubbles from a mighty limestone wall and is composed of the meltwater of the glacier which is located between Wildstrubel and Rohrbachstein. Forming the shape of a 30-meter wide fan, the water gushes out of seven springs from slits in the rocks on the Rezliberg .

Below the Alp, the river forms the 200-meter-high Simmen Falls. The meltwater rapidly flows over and down rocks that are several meters high, gathering a lot of force in the process. A small footpath leads along the water. It is however safer to view the spraying water from the Barbara Bridge.