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Singapore Tourism

About Singapore:

Singapore Tourism
Singapore is of the most tourist friendly destination in Southeast Asia. The entire feel of Singapore is so fresh and open unlike other places in South East Asia which offer a cramped and congested feel. And as you take a walk through the fashion emporiums of Orchard Rd, look around antique shops in Chinatown or simply take a stroll around one of the many lovely city parks, you will get to know about the royal feel of the place.
Not many cities in Southeast Asia can claim to offer such mesmerizing ethnic brew as Singapore. There is no place where you can see such a perfect mix of Chinese, Indian and Muslim Malaysian culture against the backdrop of purely westernized environment. Singapore is not only famous for its rich cultural and architectural legacy but is also well known across the world as a food lover’s paradise.
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Food is a major thing in Singapore and Asian dishes are supposed to be real delicacies. Sambal stingray, oyster omelette, char kway teow, chicken rice, clay-pot seafood, fish head curry, beef rending are few of the delicacies of Singapore.The restaurants present in Singapore have a unique and innovative style of their own.
Shopping in Singapore
If there is something which is more sought after than bars and restaurants of Singapore, it is the shopping of Singapore. The boutiques have made Singapore a shopping hub amongst the elite in the world. People love to splurge their money in Singapore. Apart from the Gucci and Louis Vuitton blitz on Orchard Rd, there are good bargains available for everything from clothes to electronics. There is a huge range of art and antique shops present in Singapore for the delight of every traveler.
Places of interest in Singapore

Attractions in Singapore:

  • Entry to Sentosa Island, SingaporeEntry to Sentosa Island, Singapore
  • A parrot at the Jurong Bird Park, SingaporeA parrot at the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore
  • The Double Helix Bridge, SingaporeThe Double Helix Bridge, Singapore
  • Marina bay, SingaporeMarina bay, Singapore

Best Season to Visit Singapore:

Weather in Singapore
Tourists can go to Singapore throughout the year. Nevertheless the ideal time to visit Singapore is during the festive season.
In January every year, the total Chinese population of Singapore rejoices the Chinese New Year on a big scale. China-town, one of the key attractions of Singapore, is totally lit up and adds a festive flavor to the entire area. During this time there are street parades referred to as Chingay. A big bazaar is also organized. The other time when tourists come to Singapore is in November, when the Indians observe Deepavali which is festival of lights. During this time one of the best places in Singapore, Serangoon road shows the festival fervor.
How to reach Singapore
Singapore is tourist hub of the South East Asia. Due to its mind blowing beauty, the country is very admired by the nature lovers. The calm beaches will certainly take you away from the chaos of the city life. This small group of island is well linked with other parts of the world, so going to Singapore is not an issue.
How to Reach Singapore by Air
The Changi International Airport in Singapore is the major airport in Singapore. Almost all key international carriers fly there. Apart from the local and regional airlines like Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Tiger Airways, and Jetstar Asia, almost all main international airlines have direct or connecting flights to Singapore. Everyday there are flights from Singapore to number of places in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and North America. Changi Airport is one of the most comfortable and well equipped airports in the world. 
How to reach Singapore by water
Cruising is one of the quickly emerging sectors Singapore and there are plans to significantly expand the port facilities. There are many international operators who use Singapore as a base for cruises to South East Asia. Being an island country Singapore is well developed in water route and the star cruises of Singapore are famous among tourists which flock here. Star cruise is a regular operator in Singapore. A number of ferry services link Singapore to Tanjung Belungkor in Malaysia and Riau Islands in Indonesia. The Harbor Front is the principal terminal in Singapore.
How to reach Singapore by road
Singapore is linked to Malaysia and the mainland of Asia by two causeways. Foreign motorists have to pay a Vehicle Entry Permit and a toll charge at the checkpoint when they enter Singapore. Payment is paid by making use of an electronic smartcard referred to as an Auto pass Card. A number of transport companies provide air-conditioned bus services between Singapore and key Malaysian cities. Car and taxi services can also be hired for to and fro trips between Singapore and Malaysia.