Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Journey - Southern Splendour - Tanjavur

Tanjavur: The land of antiquity
Tanjavur: Known as the "Ricebowl of Tamil Nadu", Tanjavur is one of the oldest cities in India. Once the cultural capital of the country, today it is an important centre of South Indian art and architecture. Located in the centre of the town is the world-famous Brahadishwara temple, a historical monument dating back to 11th century which now is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also famous for its unique Tanjavur style paintings and Tanjavur dolls.

Day 4 - Trichy
6:00 amArrive at Trichy.
8:00 amBreakfast on board The Golden Chariot.
9.00 amVisit the ghats in Trichy and drive towards Tanjore by Coaches.
11:00 amVisit to Brihadeshwara Temple, UNESCO World heritage Site at Tanjore.
1:00 pmLunch at Sangam Hotel, Tanjore.
3:00 pmVisit to Tanjore artifacts (Metal)and Paintings workshop .
5:00 pmBack on board The Golden Chariot to relax and enjoy facilities onboard TGC.
8:00 pmDinner on board The Golden Chariot and later depart to Madurai.
12.15 amDept to Madurai.