Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Trient Ravine - Impressive Water Landscape

Vernayaz Trient
Trient Ravine was carved into the rock of the Mont Blanc massif by the eponymous wild mountain stream. The 200 meter deep ravine is fascinating for climbers and nature lovers. A 114 meter high waterfall makes the experience all the more interesting.The Valaisian river of Trient has its source at the eponymous glacier above the town of Trient, near the French border. The Trient forms a narrow, deep and very striking ravine at Vernayaz near Martigny. A 187 meter high bridge spans the gorge.

The front of the ravine can be crossed by means of a bridge, where visitors can obtain information about the ravine's geology and the special habitat it offers for flora and fauna. The 114 meter high waterfall "Cascade de Pissevache" is nearby. It is used for hydropower and can be very large and impressive, depending on the amount of power it is being tapped for.