Friday, 3 May 2013

Barracuda Lake Coron Island, Palawan

10 dive destinations - Barracuda

Barracuda Lake
Coron Island, Palawan
Most divers go to Coron for wreck diving, making Barracuda Lake perhaps the most underrated dive site in the Philippines. Found on spectacular Coron Island, which is sacred to the ethnic Tagbanua tribe, Barracuda Lake is full of sharp thermoclines and alien underwater landscapes—along with the legend of a monster-sized barracuda said to be centuries old and the size of five large oil barrels. Though the barracuda of Barracuda Lake is very likely much less impressive than that, the diving here is still unforgettable: You’ll feel as if you’re flying over the surface of the moon, even as you trip out on transitions between hot and cold water.