Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bestseller with lots of summer, sun and ice

Coloured houses in Ilulissat

Get close to the Inland Ice Cap and UNESCO site Ilulissat icefiord with the famous and very huge icebergs – all of it in the magical glow of the midnight sun. A trip to Greenland is an experience entirely on the nature’s terms and on this 8 day visit you get a close up encounter with the nature: Ice cap and glaciers in Kangerlussuaq and ice and more ice in Ilulissat beautifully accompanied by Greenland’s unique culture and traditional life style in contrast to the influence of the modern way of life.

The contrasts in Greenland are coming to their right during the summer months. Strong sunlight is replaced by foggy mist. Brown mountains with hints of green are fighting a brave battle against icebergs in shades ranging from pale to turquoise. Deserted, pristine areas right next to the towns with the characteristic houses in bright colors. The light is also unique. And with the midnight sun's soft glow around the clock the forces of nature come very close!

NEW! This tour is a bestseller which we have arranged for many years with succes. Accomodation has traditionally been hotel and lodge. However on this tour you are accomodated at Old Camp and a college in Ilulissat - both places offers kitchen facilities so you can prepare your own food.

Sejlads ved Isfjorden i Grønland

Experience the Icefiord from land, see or air
A sailing trip out on the ice fjord in day or night time in the glow of the midnight sun is a wonderful experience. Kangia produces some of the world’s largest icebergs and only from a boat you’ll get a true impression of the actual size and beauty of these floating ice giants. It is also possible to go on a helicopter trip to Kangia with a stop where you’ll have the most astonishing view over the entire glacier. On the way to the glacier you fly over the packed ice in the fjord – it is unavoidable to feel a rush.

Isfjorden ved Ilulissat i Diskobugten i Grønland

The trip continues with flight to Ilulissat. Ilulissat means icebergs which needs no further explanation once you see the beautiful ice fjord and the numerous icebergs floating majestically around out in the fjord with an almost magical light and the reflections from the sun.

Upon arrival you are transferred to Iluilssat college situated in the center of town close to everything. At the following information meeting a guide from World of Greenland will inform you about Ilulissat and the wide range of excursions. You are now prepared for the next couple of days filled with adventures.