Thursday, 9 May 2013

College Street, Kolkata

About College Street                    

College Street is a street in North Kolkata that approximately stretches from Bowbazar to Mahatma Gandhi Road crossing. Various centres of intellectual activity are situated in this place. College Street also houses a number of renowned academic institutions like Calcutta University, Presidency College, Scottish Church College, Medical College, Vidyasagar College, Hindu School, Sanskrit College, Bethune College, Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management and Hare School.

Besides several bookstores, it houses the renowned café called Indian Coffee House that has attracted the intelligentsia of the city, for decades. The book market of College Street is the largest book market of India and the largest second-hand book market of the world. This market is traditionally known as ‘boi para’. Almost any rare or new book can be found at this place, at very economical prices. The place is the famous landmark of India and houses a number of Bengali publication industry. Another interesting place situated in College Street is the Vidyasagar Sarovar that is also known as College Square.