Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dream tour in the Disco Bay, Greenland

In Ice Camp Eqi you are, literally, in the middle of nowhere

12 days to explore the very highlights of the Disco Bay. this tour gives you the feeling of being where no one else has been before you. You stay at the Glacier Lodge Eqi - perhaps one of the most beautiful, peaceful and unique places in the entire Greenland. Furthermore we take you to small settlements and all the "must see" sights in West Greenland.

The tour starts in Kangerlussuaq - the gateway to Greenland - and only 25 kilometres from the gigantic Inland Ice Cap. You get the chance to actually stand on the Ice Cap.

You travel in the period from June to August where the summer is intense and warm and the Disco Bay is painted in colours of the midnigt sun.

Red fishing boat, ice and clear blue water is a beautyful combination