Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Golf Course

Known as golfers’ paradise. Shillong’s 18 hole Golf Course is not only amount the most picturesque spots in the town, it is rated as one of the best in Asia. It has become popular with evening strollers and children playing football and cricket. Picturesque with green downs and clumps of conifers and a club building which has probably been designed to resemble an English manor. Golf Course is the pride of the State. Recently the Gazebo was constructed under Hole no. 10 where golfers can have their breakfast and rest for a while. This Gazebo was constructed by Assam Rifles who also help in maintaining 11 greens while 7 greens were maintained by the BSF with the assistance of Shillong Golf Club. Located within the heart of town it takes hardly half an hour walk to reach. It is an idyllic picnic spot.