Monday, 13 May 2013

Greenland dressed in autumn colours

Colourful houses and huge icebergs at the world heritage site Ilulissat Ice fiord in the Disco bay,  West Greenland

Greenland is incredibly beautiful, regardless of which season you choose to visit. The autumn is calm and peaceful after a short, hectic summer, so you will have it more or less to yourself, together with the local inhabitants of course.

The autumn is also a time when nature likes to reveal all its different sides – from stunning sunny days when the mountains are dressed in shades of golden brown, a must-see, to brutal autumn storms that mesmerize you with their harsh beauty, but also demand proper clothing.

Northern lights - Aurora Borealis
The autumn brings black skies at night, and the quite incredible natural phenomenon of the northern lights. On a cloudless night you just have to get out there and look upwards. Greenland does not have the same interfering electric lights as Europe, and this combined with low humidity, which gives a crystal clear air, means that a myriad of stars and a stunning, clear Milky Way can be seen from the sky.

Snow, sledge dogs and dog sledding
In mid-October snow tends to settle and the thousands of sled dogs all itch to get out after their near six month rest. Rides can be a little bumpy due to the thin layer of snow, and there will be no overnight stays, but dog sledding there is - and it is incredible!

The Ice Cap welcomes you to Greenland
Kangerlussuaq airport is the gateway to Greenland and the first stop on this trip.  The hinterland is home to stunning scenery, where the enormous Inland Ice Cap dominates the landscape. A trip to the Ice Cap is therefore a must and a great opportunity for spotting musk oxen and reindeer. The next stop on the trip is Ilulissat, famous the world over for its Ice Fjord with the biggest and most icebergs in all of Greenland.

Indlandsisen i Grønland

We fly with Air Greenland from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq. Ahead lies a 4.5 hour flight and 8 days of winter adventure.

A guide from our local tour office "World of Greenland Arctic Circle” will welcome you upon arrival and help you check in at the Polar Lodge. The Polar Lodge is a stone's throw from the airport and provides a relaxed overnight stay with kitchen facilities, lounge and souvenir shop.

Once you have checked in and unpacked in your room at the lodge, the guide will hold an information meeting to tell you about the town, the area, places to eat and go, and here you can confirm any excursions you booked from home.

It is also possible to book excursions at the meeting. After the meeting, you can take things at your own pace getting to know Kangerlussuaq and deciding what you want to do the following day.

We have put together a trip we think best covers what Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat have to offer. This package must be booked no later than 10 weeks prior to departure. Read about booking excursion packages under “Price and facts”.

Indlandsisen i Grønland