Monday, 13 May 2013

Greenland getaway from Iceland, Greenland

Magic ice

Greenland is one of the premier destinations for people dreaming of a trip to the Arctic – untouched wilderness and exciting traditional Inuit culture. It is a unique and inspiring destination for mind blowing adventures – more vast and diverse than you could ever imagine.

Midnight sun, authentic Inuit culture, the Arctic’s amazing abundance of wildlife – humpback whales, reindeer, musk oxen, colourful houses in hilly terrains, an endless horizon, majestic icebergs, the impressive icecap full of mystery and huge mountainous area – a world of its own.

Located on the west coast of Greenland - 300 kilometers above the Arctic Circle – the famous Ilulissat icefjord is filled with icebergs from “Sermeq Kujalleq” which is the most producing glacier in the northern hemisphere.
Ilulissat town is an exciting mix of Inuit culture, modern life and thousands of sled dogs pulsing under the magical light of the midnight sun.

Are you looking for your Arctic dream to come true, you should combine a visit to Iceland with a getaway to Ilulissat but be careful – you might want to go back!

icebergs in ilulissat greenland

Flight from Reykjavik to Ilulissat – a 4 hour flight where you will experience the varied landscapes in Iceland and Greenland. The white icy surface with nunataks popping up, enormous deserted areas and isolated towns and settlements bear witness to a world of its own and as the flight approaches Ilulissat the sight of the famous ice fjord with the park of sculptural icebergs fills you with anticipation. This is something extraordinary!

Upon arrival to Ilulissat there is check in at the 4 star Hotel Arctic. The hotel is amazingly located with a fantastic view over the ice fjord, which was included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2004. The ice fjord contains one of the biggest and most active glaciers in the world. The glacier advances approx. 19 metres a day and produces about 35 square kilometre icebergs a year. Besides the sight you may also hear rumbling sounds from the ice. The hotel’s dogs slumber in the hills ignoring the summer warmth and the astonishing view.

A guide from World of Greenland welcomes you and it is now time to a fantastic visit to the settlement Oqaatsut. The sailing trip to Oqaatsut is in itself a truly wonderful experience presenting the icebergs and the landscape around Ilulissat.

The settlement is located absolutely amazingly in an archipelago with high mountains in the background. It faces the shore of the small Akuliarusinnguaq bay north of the Qeqertarsuaq island. Oqaatsut is inhabited by approx. 45 people and twice as many sled dogs and you’ll find a shop, school, church and a cosy restaurant H8. The restaurant located right down at the water front serves a nice dinner.

Throughout centuries Dutch whalers were attracted to this specific area which they named Rode Bay. Racks with dried fish and the colourful houses in blue, red and yellow combined with the vast hilly area, the drifting iceberg and the warm and open hearted inhabitants will undoubtedly give you lifelong memories and a new meaning to the time aspect.

Later in the evening we sail back to Ilulissat crisscrossing ice bergs in all shapes and colours thanks to the glow from the midnight sun.