Saturday, 25 May 2013

Honnemardu Traveller Reviews "Super scenic place"

 Honnemardu Traveller Reviews 
"Super scenic place" 

Honnemardu Experience: This is a place which is very scenic and a good picnic spot for a day. its surrounded by back waters of linganamakki and stunning land scape. Its very dangerous for the swimmers and should not take any chance for adventurous activities. Its always better to have people or guide with us who knows about the place well and its away from most of the facilities. Overnight stay is very exciting.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Food should be ordered in advance, sight seeing is carried out by professional guides.
Activities & things to do: Overnight stay on a island surrounded by water all the sides. enjoy the nature beauty and whisper of unseen birds and lot more.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: You have several tourism / adventure organizations who will help your travel well organized with good package trips. you can Google it for their websites.

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