Friday, 10 May 2013

Howrah Station Kolkata India

About Howrah Station                    

One of the four main intercity stations that serve Kolkata and Howrah is the Howrah Station. The other three are the Sealdah Station, Kolkata Railway Station and Shalimar Station. The Howrah Bridge connects Hooghly River’s west bank where Howrah is located, to Kolkata.

The Howrah Station, which is the 2nd oldest, biggest and busiest railway complex in India, is situated here. The construction of this station started in 1854, when the British colonial government had to build a rail link to the coalfields of Bardhaman District from Kolkata. At that time, the Howrah Station had 15 platform tracks, which have now increased to 24, where 1-12 is for the Eastern Railway and 13 – 24 is for the South Eastern Railway. It has also plans to add 15 more platform tracks to Howrah Station within the next decade to bring the number up to 38 platforms.