Sunday, 12 May 2013

Icebergs in the Midnight Sun (3,6 or 8 days), Greenland

View to the Icefiord from Ilulissat

The Northern Hemisphere's most productive glacier, Sermeq Kujalleq, is overwhelming in its size and production of up to 86 million tons of ice a day. Overwhelming is also the rugged beauty with which the many thousands of icebergs that sail out into Disko Bay, welcomes you to the wonderful world of the Arctic.

Ilulissat is located 290 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and the destination for this trip from Iceland. With its 4600 inhabitants and 3500 sled dogs it is a thriving and vibrant city where old and new meet in perfect harmony. Here you will experience the Greenlandic culture and of course the nature is located right at the door step ready to be both used and admired.

You choose which day of the week you want to go (Sundays excepted), and then we will check availability on flights and hotels. The plane normally arrives in Ilulissat at lunchtime, and departure from Reykjavik early afternoon when you return home.

You decide whether you want to go 3, 6 or 8 days and if you want accommodation in either Hotel Avannaa or Hotel Icefiord.

In Ilulissat, you are in the safe hands of our tourist office "World of Greenland" Who will send a guide to your hotel and welcome you upon arrival. World of Greenland has a wide variety of excursions for sale and these can be ordered either before departure or after arrival in Ilulissat.

Ilulissat icefiord UNESCo site Greenland

With direct flight from Reykjavik to Illulissat. You are picked up at the airport and transported to your chosen hotel in Ilulissat. After check-in a guide from our local excursion office will welcome you and inform you about the different excursions available but also things to do on your own during your stay in Ilulissat.

We recommend that you start your adventure with a guided walk in Ilulissat. You get familiar with the town and the guide can point out places to see on your own.

Culture-historical walk
People might say: “We can take a walk around the town on our own.” Yes, you probably can, but with the culture-historical walk you will get an enhanced understanding of the Greenlandic culture and history, which will give the other experiences in Greenland a new perspective.

Ilulissat, earlier known as Jakobshavn, was founded in 1741, and today it is the third biggest town in Greenland with more than 4500 inhabitants. During the walk through the old colonial part of the town, the guide will tell about the town history, the Greenlandic culture and the modern life 300 kilometres north of the Polar Circle.

We visit the fishermen at the harbor, the sellers at “Brættet”, and we will pass the birthplace of Knud Rasmussen and the old wooden church, the Zion church. This culture-historical walk is a good short-cut to knowledge.