Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore

Photo: Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore

Photo: Jitaditya

The sprawling 240-acre botanical garden houses some over 1,000 species of plants including some 100-year-old trees. The construction of Lal Bagh was started by Hyder Ali in 1760 and completed by his son Tippu Sultan. Currently the park hosts a deer park, aquarium, a lake and a small rocky hillock on which is sited one of the city’s four Kempe Gowda Towers and also a Glass House.  Another highlight of Lal Bagh is the Rose Garden; this has almost all the species of roses available worldwide. The Lal Bagh Rock, one of the oldest rock formations on earth, dating back to 3000 million years, is another attraction that brings the crowds. Flower shows are conducted every year to educate people about different flora and help cultivate habit of growing plants among the public.

 The Glasshouse inspired by the Crystal Palace in London is the venue of the annual flower show. This was built in the year 1840. The Annual flower, fruit and vegetable shows held here. Lal Bagh also houses the offices of the Karnataka Horticultural Society that renders free advice and conducts weekend courses in horticulture and flower arrangement to those interested in flowers and gardens. A giant Electronic Quartz Flower clock is also in the garden built by HMT.