Friday, 10 May 2013

Mother House Kolkata, India

About Mother House                    

54 Bose Rd, Chowringhee is one of the most famous addresses of Kolkata and an important part of every tourist’s itinerary. This is the headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity, made famous by Mother Theresa.
The three storied House, aptly called 'Mother House' is where Mother Theresa lived and spread her message of hope amongst the dying and destitute of Kolkata. She was a living legend who built this nerve center and hub of all activities connected with her vast empire of mercy, hope and charity.
From this humble abode even today, Mother Teresa’s sisters of charity, clad in their trademark blue bordered sari begin their work early every morning, come rain or shine. From here these angels of mercy spread out to every nook and corner of the vast city of Kolkata, attending to their daily chores at the Home for the terminally ill, leprosy and TB clinics, dispensaries, home for abandoned children and AIDS centers.
Many visitors including celebrities come here to pay their respects to Mother Teresa's large, sober tomb within the Motherhouse. There's a small museum displaying the Mother's worn sandals and battered enamel dinner-bowl. Upstairs in Mother's room you will find a crown-of-thorns above her modest camp bed – a reflection of her simplicity and attitude to life.
You leave the House knowing that you caught a glimpse into the life of one of the finest human being to ever walk the planet, an angel of mercy.