Sunday, 26 May 2013

"Nothing prepares one for the breath taking view to come ahead.."

"A beautiful treat for the eyes!"

Hogenakkal Experience: The trip begins with a lovely ride on the coracle on the fast moving river. But nothing prepares one for the breath taking view to come ahead. Guided by the boatman to the spot brings one to the much awaited visual- water flowing & falling in full force between the rocks to a deafening sound & cold mist rising out.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: A lot of fried fish for fish lovers awaits here. One can also see how the locals manage to catch fish in the fast moving waters. The small restaurants surrounding the falls provide some simple yet tasty food.
Activities & things to do: The adventurous ones can opt for a oil massage by many masseurs roaming around with oil bottles. A good bath under the waterfalls would help drive away any residual stress left. As for others, especially those travelling with kids, these are some spots where in one can splash around in the flowing water.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Carry extra clothes & good footwear, for the path can be a little slippery.

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