Friday, 10 May 2013

Parashnath Jain temple Kolkata, India

About Parashnath Jain temple                    

Pareshnath Jain Temple is situated in the north-eastern part of the city of Kolkata. Ray Badridas Bahadur, a connoisseur of art in the year 1867, built this temple. This is one of the most significant temples in Kolkata that is worshipped by the Jains.

This Jain Temple of Kolkata is home to four temples dedicated to different Jain Tirthankaras. The main temple that is dedicated to the 10th Jain Avtaar, Sri Sital Nath Ji stands towards the south. Further south of this temple is the Sri Chanda Prabhujidev Temple. To the right of this foundation, there are temples of Kushalji Maharaj and Dadaji Garu. Finally in the northern direction, stands the 4th temple dedicated to Mahavira, who was the last Jain Tirthankara.

Inside the premises of the Pareshnath Jain Temple, there is a small brook covering the entire area surrounded by flowerbeds. There is also a garden inside the temple that is designed with glass mosaic blocks and exquisite statues. To reach the veranda of this temple, one has to only climb 13 marble stairs. A museum and a comfortable greeting room welcome the visitors in this temple. The entire structure consists of pillars that are decked with mirrors and stained glass windows. An interesting feature of this temple is that it houses a lamp that burns with ghee and has never been extinguished. What may come, this lamp continues to burn.