Friday, 10 May 2013

Rabindra Sarovar Kolkata, India

About Rabindra Sarovar                    

The Rabindra Sarovar is a huge artificial lake located in South Kolkata. It spans an area of 76 hectares and is surrounded by huge trees. Previously, it was also known as Dhakuria Lake, but in 1958 it was renamed as Rabindra Sarovar as a tribute to the Nobel Laureate and great Bengali poet and author, Rabindranath Tagore.

Gardens, recreation facilities, children’s parks and an auditorium were later developed around this lake. The lake is also the home to various fish and migratory birds. The other structures situated in and around the lake are a football stadium called Rabindra Sarovar Stadium, an ancient mosque, an open-air theatre called Mukta Mancha, a Japanese Buddhist temple by Nichidatsu Fuji and a cultural institute known as Ramakrishna Mission.

A number of swimming and rowing clubs are also situated within the lake such as the Calcutta Rowing Club, Lake Club, Anderson Club, Bengal Rowing Club and Calcutta University Rowing Club.