Friday, 10 May 2013

Shahid Minar Kolkata, India

About Shahid Minar                    

Situated close to Esplanade at Maidan of Kolkata, Shahid Minar is around 165 ft high and provides great views of the entire city from its summit. This structure was originally named Octerlony Monument after Sir David Octerlony, who constructed this structure in 1848 to celebrate his victory in the Nepal War during the period between 1814- 1816.

However, in the year 1969, this monument received the name “Shahid Minar” after the martyrs of the Indian struggle for Independence. Today to climb up to the top of this structure, people need to acquire permission from the Lal Bazaar Kolkata Police Headquarters.

This structure reflects the architecture as the foundation, which is a blend of Egyptian style, while the main monument and its dome similar to designs to that of Syria and Turkey, respectively. Presently, this Heritage Structure of Kolkata is the site of meetings of political parties, seminars and rallies. The ideal time to visit this monument is from October – April and preferably during the night to see the lights of the city.