Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tasiilaq - The Arctic Jewel, Greenland

En af de mange fantastiske gletschere i området

Many Greenlandic towns are beautifully situated in immense nature, but only few places can rival the arctic world that unfolds around the little town of Tasiilaq. Located on the banks of the King Oscar Fjord and encircled by tall, steep snow-clad peaks, the surroundings alone make this town worth a visit.

But Tasiilaq also has all the typical Greenlandic traits that visitors travel from far and wide to experience: icebergs, glaciers, sled dogs, whale hunters, picturesque little wooden houses, first-rate crafts and several small, energetic settlements, which are all worth a visit. During the mild summer Tasiilaq offers some unforgettable boat trips and hikes.

To get to Tasiilaq you have to travel from Reykjavik in Iceland, and we can help you lengthen your stay on this island allowing you time to experience geysers, volcanos and the blue lagoon.

Angmassalik set fra Kulusuk

On the way to Reykjavik from Keflavik Airport, we recommend you stop at the blue lagoon, a massive outdoor pool of heated isothermal water. In the middle of the rugged mountain landscape lies a blue lake, which mineral properties is said to have health benefits. You need to book this trip from home for it to be included in the journey to Reykjavik. Read more about excursions under “price and facts”.
Onwards to Greenland! You will fly from Reykjavik to the Greenlandic airport of Kulusuk (Kap Dan), on a small island. The above photo is of Angmassalik seen from Kulusuk. Your adventure begins the moment you arrive. You will be picked up by a small boat, which will stop at the beautiful Aputsiaq glacier before sailing across the bay to Tasiilaq.
When you arrive at Tasiilaq, you will be met by our local guide who will help you check in at the guesthouse or hotel. Once you have checked-in, an information meeting is held where the guide will tell you about the town and surrounding area, and about the different excursions available over the next 7-8 days in this arctic paradise. An update will also be provided on any local cultural events that might be taking place during your stay.
If you booked an excursion package from home, which we recommend you do, your itinerary will be explained at the information meeting. If you have not booked the excursions from home, you will have the opportunity to book them at the meeting. Read more about excursions under “price and facts”.

The information meeting is followed by at our of the town. On foot the tour takes 2-3 hours, during which we will visit the museum, church and the lively harbour. The guide will tell you the story of the East Greenlanders who were first “discovered” by Commander Gustav Holm on his cone boat expedition just 130 years ago, and which have since been colonised by the Danish state. You will of course also experience modern day life in Greenland.