Monday, 20 May 2013

Tea estates near Wayanad, Kerala.

Photo: Tea estates near Wayanad, Kerala. (Photo by Kanchan, HIQ member from Bangalore)

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Wayanad Tea County is a resort run by Priyadarshini Tea Estate, Mananthavady, Wayanad. The resort is situated amidst 137 acres of tea plantations owned by Priyadarshini Tea Estate, Mananthavady. This resort is an ideal place for a family and tour group looking for a serene and comfortable stay.

Priyadarshini Tea Estate (Mananthavady Tribal Plantation Cooperative Limited No: W 26) which owns this attractive resort was started in 1984 to rehabilitate bonded tribes of Mananthavady area. This plantation project was envisaged to provide food, shelter and round the year employment for the rehabilitated tribal labourers. At present the estate produces about one lakh kilograms of tea leaves every month and provides more than two thousand man days monthly to tribal workers. District Collector of Wayanad is the Chairman of the estate and Sub Collector of Wayanad is the Managing Director of the estate.

Wayanad Tea County was started by the estate in 2008 when the management felt the need to generate additional revenue for the welfare of its workers. The estate bungalow was converted into a charming resort and it was decided to provide free noon meal to the workers using the income received from the resort. Today, after three years since its inception, Wayanad Tea County feeds almost 200 tribal workers daily free of cost (mid day meal scheme to estate workers). Hence, Wayanad Tea County is a resort which is fully committed to ‘Responsible Tourism’ and the entire money spent here directly goes for tribal welfare.