Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Classic Golden Triangle in West Greenland

Reindeer at the Greenland Ice Cap in Kangerlussuaq north of the Arctic Circle

The Classic Golden Triangle of Greenland. One of our bestsellers over years and a very classic tour. A wonderful trip to the triangle of three towns and also coastal ship is included. You expierence all the "must see" of Greenland and the "wow-factor" is high.

You cross the Arctic Circle, get to see musk oxen and the ice cap in Kangerlussuaq, Sisimiut’s beautiful houses that are as small color spots in the rocky landscape and the spectacular ice fjord in Ilulissat with myriads of ice from small cubes to giants in various colors depending on the sun's reflections.

The interurban transport takes place with both aircraft and coastal ship also giving you a unique chance to get an impression of the amazing size of the world’s largest island, which corresponds to the distance from Scotland to the Sahara!

The trip takes place from June to August, which is summer at its best in Greenland with midnight sun and contrasting impressions. Green mountains and white icebergs. Strong sunlight and misty fog. Gentle flower valleys and cool glaciers. Shears that cut through the vast desolate areas. Temperatures are mild and Greenland's national flower Niviarsiaq, bluebells and mountain-batten are busy and beautifully decorate the mountains.

World Heritage Ilulissat Ice fiord in Disco bay in West Greenland