Sunday, 12 May 2013

The grand tour from south to north, Greenland

Lucky glimpse of the calving ice

On this 14 day journey you will experience the incredible contrasts in the Greenlandic nature and the different living conditions in the south and north, in settlements and towns. Hiking trips in overwhelming silence and untouched nature. Green mountains and turquoise icebergs. Warm flower valleys and cold glaciers.

We start in the green southern Greenland with a few days stay in a small and very beautiful sheep farm settlement and visits to historical sites like Erik the Red's settlement and the Gardar bishopric.

The next experience on the tour is a 2 day trip on the coastal ship Sarfaq Ittuk along Greenland's spectacular west coast. During the sailing trip there is ample opportunity to look for seals and whales and enjoy life at sea, either behind the ship's panoramic windows or in a sheltered corner on the deck. We sail to Nuuk, Greenland's capital and commercial center and have a day to experience the exciting cultural offers Nuuk has to offer.

We continue northward to the icy paradise Ilulissat, which is famous for its gigantic icebergs and the incredible ice fjord. In winter time the dogsled is used daily – the town is therefore dominated by dogsleds and thousands of dogs longing for the first snow.

The amazing Eqi – the calving glacier - is the next stop. We stay in Ice Camp Eqi’s cozy cabins with direct view of the calving glacier front. The fantastic scenery provides for shorter or longer hikes, where the silence is intense. Back in Ilulissat you will on the last 2 days get the perfect ending to a breathtaking journey full of contrasts, uncrowded wilderness and a glimpse of the Greenlanders’ unique cultural perspective on life.

Postcard from Greenland