Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"This place is India's best kept secret...."

Photo: "This place is India's best kept secret...."

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"Trip to Agatti."

Agatti Experience: Lakshadweep is located in the Arabian Sea .It is India's most spectacular tropical island systems, Lakshadweep Islands (Laccadives) comprises of 36 small islands located 240 Kms West of the Kerala Coast in an area of 32 Out of which only 36 islands only 10 are inhabited, others are uninhabited, a few of which are used for Coconut cultivation. The review which I am writing today is regarding Agatti Island which has got an very small airstrip and regular flights operate from Bangalore (BLR) and Kochi(COK). I had taken 9501 Indian Airlines flight on 22/11/11. The island is approximately 7.7Km in length and has a maximum width of 900 meters. The island has got an airstrip which is approximately 1.4 Kms long which enables ATR aircrafts to land. The marine life is beautiful and the white sands and crystal clear water makes the scenery even more beautiful. There are not many hotels to stay in the island, looking for a beach vacation in a less touristy place; we decided to travel to the Lakshadweep islands - India's very own coral destination to the west. Our plane descended into a seemingly vast expanse of water and suddenly we saw a narrow airstrip - kudos to the pilots for an accurate landing! We walked from the plane to the tarmac, then walked to collect our luggage, then walked out of the airport and literally 5-7 minutes later. Agatti airport is very small you never seen such kind of airport. Before landing it is better you hold your entry permission in your hand. At Cochin airport they also need permit then they will give you boarding pass. Agatti Island is amazing. There were a total of 30 tourists on the whole island while we were there and for hours we had a beautiful white beach all to ourselves. The snorkelling is amazing, coral a little bleached but lots and lots of fish right in the lagoon. The most striking feature of the islands is they have serene blue lagoon and crystal clear water around them and is fringed by snow white coral sands. The islands are formed from the depth of the sea due to the calcareous secretions of polyp�s colony and therefore the islands are atolls in their origin. The Corals, crystal clear water and the rich marine flora and fauna enhance the mystique of these islands. The people here are so simple and friendly and straightforward unlike the other beaches we've been to. Most evenings are volley ball evenings or one can just swim in the blue waters. Agatti, Lakshadweep is a gorgeous island with swaying coconut trees and pristine white sand beaches. It is India's best Kept secret. Last word about the resort and the island - you will be amazed at the white soft sands and the huge sea turtles - you can literally spend hours seeing them surface so close to shore! And if you are adventurous, you can go for a night visit along the beach where you may spot them nesting! Go for the adventure and beach holiday like no other. Sandeep Saxena
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Very nice food just like home made and it is very delicious.For those looking for a beach holiday complete with snorkeling and corals, good vegetarian fare, great white sands and limited tourists, this is the best place to be. For non-vegetarians and foreign tourist, arrive at Agatti, but opt to hop over to Bangaram island instead (the winds are not that great there though).
Activities & things to do: You can do lot of things when you near to sea.The time I spent with my family at the Island was fabulous and most memorable holiday we have ever spent as a family. We spent most of our time in the sea snorkeling and scuba diving. We also took speed boat rides to neighbouring Island such as Kalpeni, Piarli 1 and Pirali 2.Alcohol is not served in the Island. There is one island named Bangaram about 30 mins boatride away from Agatti, which is only open to foreigners i.e, Other than Indian Nationals. In any case a special permit document is required apart from the Passport and Visa to access the Islands. Special Permit is even mandatory for Indian Nationals too. At the lodge we had very deliciously cooked local cuisines. We had fresh Tuna fish for our lunch and dinner.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Get your reservation and entry permit first.