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This breathtaking place begins with the letter 'Z'! Can you guess where?

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Imagine taking a break in this breathtaking place in Kalimpong

"Neora Valley and Neora Valley Jungle Camp"

Kalimpong Experience: As the sun went down over the mountains, electric lights of Lava and Rishyap were shining like twinkling stars on mountains far away. The Jungle Camp of Kolakham in the Neora Valley at the fringe of the National Park plunged into darkness without having electricity. We were happy that the beauty of the splendid, still unexplored and densely forested wore a virgin look in kerosene lamps and campfire light. We had sought out the place exactly for this reason to be away from crowd, noise, smog and pollution. We were in North Bengal, close to Darjeeling and Kalimpong, two hill stations of renown yet as if thousands of miles from both. Our Mahindra Scorpio ran along a road that is no road but stones and ditches. Jayanta is driving in these areas long enough to negotiate bends, small rivulets and highs and lows easily. There were dense forests of oaks and rhododendrons, bamboos and sal. There were shrubs with wild flowers and tall grass and wild orchids and lichens hanging from trees. Fern and moss added to the mystery of the yet to be explored jungle. We had parked the Scorpio near a hair-pin bend to take in the magnificent panoramic views when we could see some movements above us in jungle. Jayanta signaled us to be silent and whispered that a Himalayan black bear was around. We waited it to show itself but almost 20 but it did not show up. From a distance we could see the Neora Valley Jungle Camp where we would be staying for a week. The Neora Valley seemed to us a perfect place for meditation, introspection and recharging of our bodies� batteries. We took a sharp curve and were at the gate of the Jungle Camp. I woke up and it was still dark. The kerosene lamp was switched off before I slept. I drew the curtains. The sun was somewhere in the horizon yet a silhouette of the third highest mountain could be seen, orange and distant. I picked up my binocular and Mt. Kanchenjunga came into my focus. I went outside. It was cold and lonely. Down below oak forest looked ghostly. We ate mixed vegetable, dal, chicken with roti and rice. Guests from abroad are also served same food and they relish it. I asked Kaushik and Bhaskar who were looking after the Camp that if Rais were vegetarians how they cooked chicken. They explained that Rais were convinced that for the survival of the camp depended upon tourists coming to Neora Vally and if they were not given food of their choice they might not stay long at the Jungle Camp making it unviable.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Inhabitants of Nepal had come here and settled down and they are Rais, worshippers of Krishna. So they are vegetarians, very hard working and treats nature as their mother. The Help Tourism is committed to look after their jungles, educate them about their valley and provide some employment and create employment opportunities in travel and tourism industries. Making local friendly gives solid security in jungle for guests. We gathered that evening for a camp fire where Rai boys sang with guitars in Nepali, English and Hindi songs. Ever smiling and innocent Rais of Neora Valley impressed me the most. Dinner was on metal plate like Rais eat at home. Food was simple but sumptuous. We ate mixed vegetable, dal, chicken with roti and rice. Guests from abroad are also served same food and they relish it. I asked Kaushik and Bhaskar who were looking after the Camp that if Rais were vegetarians how they cooked chicken. They explained that Rais were convinced that for the survival of the camp depended upon tourists coming to Neora Vally and if they were not given food of their choice they might not stay long at the Jungle Camp making it unviable. Tsering was at my door after breakfast to take us to core area of the National park. We drove back to Kolakham village and took the track to National Park. Dense forest of bamboos, oaks, rhododendrons and wild shrubs engulfed us. Scenic beauty was terrific. We aimed for Jaributi, a beautiful location and strong point for viewing wildlife. Road was precarious one but a tar road would have been mismatched with the terrain. Jayanta stopped our vehicle after an hour�s drive. There was a clearing and we could hear gurgling of flowing water below. While driving we had seen two Oriols and a Minivets. When our vehicle stopped, besides singing of birds and gurgling of a stream somewhere, we could hear silence of jungle only. As we sat down with lunch, a Himalayan bear made its appearance and its black coat shining in sunray, it stood scared seeing us. We clicked on our camera. Puran picked up a bamboo stick whirling over his head. The bear moved into the bush. I was angry with Puran but Jayanta and Puran explained that it was mating season of the bears and a male could be foul tempered. We sighted two bul buls sitting and singing on a small tree and also sighted a Pygmy-flycatcher. After lunch we began our descent following the gurgling stream towards a narrow gorge. There were huge spider webs from tree branches to tree branches. A deer herd was grazing at a distance. We could not identify properly, once deer seemed to be burking ones but then felt these were hog deer. Best sighting was Klija Pheasant and a lone yellow warbler we reached the end of the gorge at a village where we had planned to spend the night. Suhas Rai, who lets out stragglers like us, made two rooms available for four of us. Our backpacks were thrown on Spartan beds where we were to spread our sleeping bags for the night. It was late afternoon, around 3 pm so we walked on. We saw a great-pied Hornbill, many doves and pigeons. Bearded vulture was circling above us. Lots of singing birds were in the jungle but most were invisible. We saw a singing yellow billed cuckoo. Our binocular picked up couple of red legged falcon on a tree. Near the water of the stream, we saw a few civets. Sunlight was fading fast and we began trekking back. Bushes had wild flowers. That night we sat around fire and talked about the Neora Valley, Suhas Rai told us that finding tiger spoor; forest officials were surprised as till then they did not know the existence of tiger though there were leopards. Tigers were searched and found ultimately. Large tracks of the valley are still unexplored. The Neora Valley rises from 600ft to 10,600ft. Therefore, ecosystem and flora and fauna undergoes changes frequently.As we climbed higher bamboos gave way to oaks and rhododendrons with some flowering shrubs and bushes. Early in the morning, we began our trek back to the jungle camp. On the way we saw Golden Headed Black Finch, Himalayan griffon; great pied Hornbill, Red Headed Blue Finch, and the Rusty-bellied Shortwing. Binocular picked up a bear and two wild bores. We crossed Rishi Valley tribal villages, cardamom plantations, couple of streams and a lovely waterfall. We also saw an early blooming orchid to our surprise. We were back to the Neora Vally Jungle Camp at Kolakham village. We had finished a probing trip to still unexplored Neora Valley. We had seen prolific flora and fauna. Birding was fantastic. And the last thing must be talked is the Jungle Camp where star facilities exist even in the jungle. Each staff is ever smiling. So is Bhaskar, the manager, mountaineer and a perfect host.
Activities & things to do: Neora Valley is wildlife lovers dream destination. You might meet a black bear at any turn or a group of spotted deer go across your path. Bird watchers can see luarge number of migrartory and local birds. Trekking is the major activity besides camping in the thick of jungle's core area. Panther might visit you and recently tiger has been sighted. Precautions to be taken while camping.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Neora Valley: The Neora Valley is located in Northern part of the State of West Bengal in the tri-junction of West Bengal, Sikkim and Bhutan. The valley is cradled in the Eastern Himalayas. Going there: The nearest airport is Bagdogra, which is well connected with Calcutta. Calcutta is connected by air with every part of the world. The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri and is connected with both Calcutta and Delhi well. Both from airport and railway station, one has to travel by USV to the Neora Valley. Where to stay: Neora Valley The Jungle Camp run by the Help Tourism is the only place to stay in this virgin wilderness. Help Tourism provides birding facilities, trekking and wildlife sighting jeep safari.

A beautiful,splendid night at Udaipur.

About Udaipur Tourism
State: Rajasthan District: Udaipur
Famous for/as: Heritage Languages: Hindi
Best Season: Jan - Feb, Oct - Dec Weather: Summer 20 to 39°C,
Altitude: 600 m Winter 7 to 24°C
Pin Code: 313001 STD Code: 0294
Known as the ‘City of Lakes’, Udaipur is a beautiful city in the state of Rajasthan in the western part of India. It was founded by Maharana Udai Singh II in 1559 as the capital of the Mewar kingdom. 

Located in the Aravalli Ranges, Udaipur is one of the most well-known tourist destinations of the country and beautifully exemplifies the Rajasthani culture. It is a city rich in history and culture and is visited by tourists from all over who come here to get a glimpse of the Rajput way of life.

Things to do in Udaipur
Udaipur is known all around for its numerous lakes. Fateh Sagar Lake, Rajasmand Lake, Udai Sagar Lake, Jaismand Lake and Pichola Lake are just few of the many beautiful likes in the city which add to the charm of the place and beautify the landscape. These lakes provide people with a wonderful way to spend a pleasant evening either sitting by the lake or boating. 

The city of Udaipur is also known for its palaces and forts, and every palace here is a tribute to the unique Mewar dynasty which has ruled the place for ages. The architectural style is extremely artistic and intricate. 

The City Palace, which is the largest palace complex in Rajasthan and an exquisite mix of Medieval, European and Chinese architecture, the Lake Palace situated in the middle of the Pichola Lake, the three storied Jag Mandir Palace are some of the many beautiful palaces in Udaipur. Many of the palaces, including the exquisite Lake Palace, have now been converted to luxury hotels and provide guests the opportunity to enjoy a truly royal vacation. Tourists can also try various attractive packages options to tour the heritage city of Udaipur.

The Chittorgarh Fort which is the largest fort in the country and the Kumbhalgarh Fort are the famous forts in Udaipur, and are standing relics of the city’s history. There are also quite a few famous temples in Udaipur visited by devotees from around the country. 

The Jagdish Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Jain pilgrimage site - Ranakpur Temple - known for its intricate architecture, Rishabhdeo Temple which is another important Jain temple are few of the numerous temples in the city. 

The best time to visit Udaipur is during the winter months of September to March. During this time the weather is pleasant and the temperature is comfortable. The famous Mewar Festival held here at the onset of spring sees many tourists. It will be held from 25th-27th March, 2012 and coincides with the festival of Gangaur. Women get together and decorate the idols of Gangaur and Isar and take them in a procession to the famous Lake Pichola where they are put on decorated boats with a lot of fanfare. The festival also includes a vibrant display of Rajasthani folk culture and winds up with a display of fireworks.

Being such a popular tourist site, Udaipur is known for its many exquisite luxury and deluxe hotels most of which have successfully tried in keeping alive the rich culture and tradition of the place. 

Travelling to Udaipur
To reach Udaipur by air, easily accessible is the Maharana Pratap Airport located at Dabok at 22 km away from Udaipur. The airport connects to major cities in India that include Kolkata, Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai. Also, there is regular flights plying from Udaipur to Delhi and Mumbai. 

Udaipur has the main broad gauge railway line and connects to all major other railway stations in India. Express train services are also available from Udaipur to neighbouring and nearby cities like Jaipur and Jaisalmer.

Rajasthan Roadways has public bus services plying between Udaipur and the major cities in Rajasthan. Volvo super deluxe buses are also easily available from Delhi, Jaipur and Ahmedabad to Udaipur. 

Accommodation options in Udaipur
Hotels in Udaipur range from heritage properties and budget hotels to culture hotels.  Most of these hotels also offer transfers for sightseeing and pick-up from railway and bus stations.

“Nature didn't need an operation to be beautiful. It just was.” ― Scott Westerfeld

About Munnar Tourism

State: Kerala District: Idukki
Famous for/as: Hill Languages: Malayalam,Tamil
Best Season: Jan - May, Aug - Dec Weather: Summer 19 to 35°C,
Altitude: 1700 m Winter 11 to 32°C
Pin Code: 685612 STD Code: 04865
The hill station of Munnar is situated in the Idukki District in the eastern part of Kerala, bordering the state of Tamil Nadu. Popularly known as Kashmir of the South, Munnar is well connected to all the cities in Kerala.

Munnar is located amidst mist-covered mountain ranges and evergreen forests of the Western Ghats, at a varying altitude of 1,600 m (5,249 ft) to 1,800 m (5,906 ft) above mean sea level, at the foot hills of Anamudi, the highest peak of the Western Ghats (2,695 m).

History of Munnar
The name Munnar was aptly given to this place since it is located at the convergence of three rivers, which are Mudrapuzha, Nallathani and Kundala. The vast tea estates and coffee plantations are the primary base for the flourishing economy of Munnar, besides tourism.

The recorded history of Munnar can be dated back to the 10th century, though many pre-historic relics linking Munnar to the Stone Age has been discovered. During the 17th century, a group of people of Tamil origin, known by the name ‘Muthuvans’ migrated to Munnar and they settled at Munnar and nearby areas.

By the 19th century, Munnar had become a part of Anchunadu, a small tribal kingdom believed to be one among the earliest tribal settlements of South India. The fertile soil of Munnar was used for the cultivation of cardamom, ginger, etc. in those days.

It was the Spanish planters who brought Munnar to the limelight and the first notable personality to visit this place was the Duke of Wellington. John Daniel Munro from the British East India Company visited Munnar around the middle of the 19th century and he gathered permission to acquire 588 sq. km. of land from the Maharaja of Poonjar.

With the assistance from Kannan Thevar, the tribal chief of Anchunadu, Mr. Manro and his companions took over some of the mountains and hills of Munnar. In 1895 Messrs Finlay Muir & Company procured Munro’s land and in 1976 Tata-Finlay Ltd. procured it.

Things to do in Munnar
Munnar is an idyllic tourist destination with rolling hills, grasslands, dense forests, brooks and rivulets, diverse flora and fauna, numerous waterfalls, lakes, tea plantations and walking trails. Some of the major attractions of the region are CSI Church - the landmark of Munnar, Eravikulam National Park, Attukal Waterfalls, Elephant Lake etc. Because of its scenic beauty and pleasant climate Munnar has become a popular destination for honeymoons as well as weekend getaways.

Food & Shopping in Munnar
Munnar offers all types of cuisines for the tourist. There are many restaurants and small eateries that offer good food.

Shopping at Munnar should include tea and spices. Tourists can buy tea sold by the KDHP (Kannan Deven Hill Plantations)

Travelling to Munnar
The nearest airport to reach Munnar is at Kochi, about 125 km away. The Kochi International Airport is not only well connected to the rest of the country but also to different parts of the world. From the airport taxi services are available which might cost around INR3000.

The nearest railway station is at Angamaly, which is at a distance of 120 km. Angamaly lies on the Ernakulam – Thrissur route and is well connected to other major cities in India. Taxis can be availed from the rail station to Munnar.

Munnar is also well connected by road. Bus services are available from different parts within the state as well as neighbouring states. These are operated by the state governments but private operators abound. Most of these buses stop at the Town bus stand in the main bazaar area near the confluence of the river and the Tata headquarters.

The best time to visit Munnar is from the months of August to March. The summer months of April and May are also pleasant with temperatures ranging from 15⁰ - 25⁰ Celsius. During the winter season the temperatures are lower with crisp mornings and bright blue skies and the nights being chilly. Heavy woollens and adequate protection should be taken against the cold. For those who love the rains, Munnar would be an ideal place in the monsoons with lush greenery and rolling mists everywhere.

Accommodation Options in Munnar
Hotels in Munnar range from 5 star to Budget hotels with all the facilities. Situated on the highest peak in South India, Munnar is ideal for trekkers, honeymooners and even family travelers. 

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What a serene place to relax,reflect upon life and rejuvenate yourself!

About Bekal Tourism

Situated on the shore of the Pallikara village, Bekal is small town on the eastern seashore of Kerala. Located 16 km away from the Kasargod Town, Bekal is an important town of Kasargod district. During the Perumal age, the town was a part of Mahodayapuram. After the decline of Mahodayapuram Perumals by the 12th century, North Kerala including Bekal came under the administrative control of Kolathunadu. During the reign of Kolathiries, Bekal flourished as an important port town of Thulunadu.

In 1565, the Battle of Thalikkottai resulted in the decline of the Vijayanagara Empire. Several feudatory chieftains including the Keladi Nayakas became politically strong after the end of Vijayanagara Empire. Soon, the Nayakas realised the political and economic importance of the region and conquered it. During this time, Bekal served as a centre in establishing the domination of Nayakas in Malabar.

According to a local Kannada writer, Bekal Rama Nayak, Bekal is derived from the word Baliakulam, which means Big Palace.  In ancient time, every palace was protected by a fort and hence Bekal fort was also constructed. In 1763, this fort was captured by Hyder Ali, who passed it to Tipu Sultan. Later in 1799, Bekal came under the administrative control of English East India Company. During this time, Bekal became the headquarters of the Bekal Taluk of South Canara District, which was administered by Bombay Presidency.

In 1862, South Canara became a part of the Madras Presidency and Bekal Taluk was replaced by Kasargod Taluk. The oldest ritualistic temple art form of India, Theyyam, is predominant in the region. Every year from October through May, grand display of this ritual art is held at several places in the region. Kalaripayattu, the martial art form and Yakshagana, a musical theatre, are also an integral part of the culture of Bekal.

Major attraction in the town is Bekal Fort, which is one of the best preserved forts in Kerala. Underneath the Bekal Fort is the Bekal Beach, which is characterised by golden sand and palm trees. Furthermore, Valiyaparamba, which is around 19 km away from the destination, is famous as the beautiful stretch of backwater in Kerala.

The airport nearest to Bekal is Mangalore International Airport, which is located around 50 km away from the town. Kasargod and Kanhangad are the nearest railheads that can be used for reaching the destination by train. The town is also connected to Kasargod and Kanhangad by regular bus service operated by Kerala State Road Transport Corporation. Best time to visit Bekal is from October through March, when weather is favourable for outing and sightseeing.    

Camels and a hot air balloon!?

About Pushkar Tourism

Pushkar in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan is a small town with ample religious beliefs attached to its existence. It is located at 510 meters above sea level and lies 14 km to the North West of Ajmer. Pushkar derives its literal meaning from the Sanskrit word”Pushkar”, which means blue lotus flower.

One of the most ancient cities in India, Pushkar is located on the banks of Pushkar Lake. The date when this place came to existence may remain unknown; But Lord Brahma is known to be the creator. The mythology associated with this place narrates a legend that Lord Brahma performed sacrament here for 60000 years to have a sight of Lord Vishnu.

Pushkar is one of the five sacred Dhams that are revered pilgrimage centres and it's importance is often referred as “tirth- raj”, which means the king of pilgrimages. Gradually gaining popularity, Pushkar has now emerged as the popular destinations among tourists not just from the country, but even from abroad.

Pushkar with its ample and glorified religious significance is the centre for many famous temples. Many of these temples, which were destroyed by Muslim conquest in this area, were rebuilt. The most famous temple amongst all is the Brahma Temple that seems to have been constructed in the 14th century AD.

The distinct feature of Pushkar is presence of Brahma Temple here, which is a very rare finding and is very few in India. The Pushkar Lake here has 52 ghats and attracts many pilgrims who descend here to bathe in the sacred water. The Pushkar Camel fair is another popular event that attracts many visitors in increasing count every year.

The name of this place links to a mythological tale. It is believed that the gods in Hindu religion released a swan with a lotus in its beak and let it free. Lord Brahma performed a Yagna and the place where lotus fell from beak of the swan was called Pushkar and has been called the same, since then.

The other places that can be visited include Pushkar Lake, Brahma Temple and Savitri Temple. The two events that have greatly added to popularity of Pushkar are the Pushkar Bazaar and Pushkar Fair


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About Hogenakkal Tourism

Hogenakkal is a small town in Tamil Nadu on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border, which is known for its waterfall. The Hogenakkal Waterfall is a famous picnic spot. It is located at a height of 750 feet in the Melagiri Hills. Its water is said to have healing powers.

Hogenakkal Waterfalls, called as the Niagara of India are a sequence of falls. The wide flow of the Kaveri River gets split at this point, forms an island and plunges into a deep gulf to create one of the most beautiful waterfalls. The rocks thus get there name as Hogenakkal, which means ‘smoking rock’.

This seashore bath is well-known for coracle rides and masseurs. The noise of the Kaveri River, noisy between pebbly banks, is a regular attendance at most places in Hogenakkal. An additional attraction is the diving skill of the local kids, who show somersaults for a charge. They jump from a height of approximately 30 feet into the stream and go up straight back on the rocks within seconds.

Tourists can take a coracle trip from one corner of the river to the other. The coracles or spherical basket boats are enclosed with black synthetic sheets and take tourists across the waterway to the base of the falls. The best time to visit Hogenakkal is during the rainy season when the river overflows.

Hogenakkal is a popular daytrip destination from Bangalore and nearby cities. It is just over 130 km from Bangalore and bus services are available from Bangalore in Karnataka and Salem in Tamil Nadu. The nearest airport is Bangalore International Airport and the nearest rail station is at Dharmapuri and Salem.

Explore Ziro, a census sound in Arunachal Pradesh!

Photo: Explore Ziro, a census sound in Arunachal Pradesh! Already explored and captured by our member Sanjay.

We bet it is not in your 'MUST VISIT' list! Is it???

Many people call it the 'Mini Goa'..

About Digha Tourism

Digha is located in the East Midnapore District and at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. Lying 187 km away from Kolkata and at an average elevation of 6 m above sea level, Digha is the most popular sea resort of West Bengal.

Originally known as Beerkul, it was discovered by the British in the late 18th century. Warren Hastings, the first Governor-General of India, described Digha as ‘Brighton of the east’ in one of his letters to his wife.

The Digha Beach is popular for its views of the Bay of Bengal amidst the many casurina plantations along the seaside. The sea at Digha is mostly calm and shallow upto a mile off the beach, which makes its makes it safe for various marine activities like swimming, scuba diving, jet ski-ing and surfing.

Lately, due to erosion of the beach leading to a receded landspace, as well as for cleanliness reasons, a new Digha Beach has been developed as an extension to the old Digha beach, at a distance of 2 km from it. Visitors can also head to two other nearby spots: the Udaipur Beach and the Shankarpur Beach, which are relatively untouched.

The latest attraction of Digha is the recently built Science Centre. Digha also boasts of the largest aquarium in India, the Aquarium of Zoological Survey of India. Some of the other tourist places in the region include Subarnareskha River, Talsari, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva; the Subarnareskha Delta and the Mandarmani Beach.

Digha has its own railway station and is well connected to Howrah and Kharagpur. Direct buses ply from Esplanade (Kolkata) to Digha on a frequent basis. The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata is the nearest airport.

Read the enchanting story behind this enchanting place and find out where this beautiful place

About Chittorgarh Tourism

State: Rajasthan District: Chittorgarh
Famous for/as: Heritage Languages: Hindi
Best Season: Jan - Mar, Sep - Dec Weather: Summer 32 to 45°C,
Altitude: 394 m Winter 5 to 28°C
Pin Code: 312001 STD Code: 01472
Chittorgarh in Rajasthan is situated 115 km to the east of Udaipur and spread over an area of 700 acres. It is located beside a high hill near the Gambheri River. Chittorgarh is full of historical forts, palaces, temples and towers.

The history of Chittorgarh holds an important place in Indian history and is brimming with heroic tales of the great Rajput warriors. The origin of Chittorgarh can be found in history from the 7th century. Chittorgarh was earlier known as Chitrakut, after a local Rajput named Chitrang.

The kingdom of Chittorgarh was given as dowry to Bappa Rawal, who established the Sisodia dynasty at the time of his marriage to princess Solanki in the mid-8th century. Bappa Rawal’s descendants were the rulers of the place from the 8th to the 16th century.

The most important site of Chittorgarh is the Chittorgarh Fort. It is a patriotic emblem built in remembrance of the victory of the kingdom over Mohammed Khilji. The Tower of Victory or Vijay Stambha, as it is called, has nine floors which have carvings of Hindu gods and goddesses and stories from the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The tower is 37 metres high.

Maha Sati, a sacred place, is located at Ahar in Chittorgarh. Maha Sati is famous for its natural reservoir, Gangodbhawa Kund. According to mythology, it had been found that that a tributary of the Ganges flows underground and emerges here as Ahar River in which this Kund is originated. Hence, it is believed that this reservoir contains sacred water. Maha Sati is also known for an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The best way to get around Chittorgarh is by cycle or auto rickshaw. Rickshawallahs here, sometimes, also double up as guides.

Rajasthan is known to be a haven for shoppers and so is Chittorgarh. Tourists can buy a variety of tie and dye fabrics, silver jewellery, metal work and shoes from markets such as Rana Sanga Market, Fort Road and Sardar Bazaar.

Ganger is the prime festival celebrated in Chittorgarh, followed by other festivals like Diwali and Holi. Chittorgarh has an arid climate. The weather is quite hot in the summer season but the winters are cool and pleasant. The best time to visit Chittorgarh is from September to March.

The nearest airport to Chittorgarh is in Udaipur, 90 km away. The town is well connected to other major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Ajmer, Ahmedabad and Indore by road and rail. 

About Zanskar Tourism

Zanskar is a sub district of Kargil district, which is visited for its famous mountain ranges and adventure activities. Zanskar, also known as Zangskar, is a popular destination in the Ladakh region. Tourists visit this place to view its scenery and Tibetan-style Buddhist monasteries. It borders Ladakh and is almost identical to Ladakh in terms of population and infrastructure.

Zanskar is spread over an area of about 2,700 square miles at an altitude of 11,500–23,000 feet. It is a high altitude semi-desert lying on the northern wing of the Himalayan Range. Zanskar is situated in the interior of Leh-Ladakh and during the months of November to May, it is cut off due to heavy snowfall.

According to historical records, the first activity in Zanskar seems to be recorded in the Bronze Age. It is believed that an Indo-European population identified as the Mon might have inhibited this place. Buddhists coming from Kashmir spread their influence over this city in nearly 200 BC.

The oldest monuments in Zanskar date back to the Kushan period. Zanskar and other regions of the western Himalayas were invaded in the 7th century by Tibetans, who spread their Bon religion here. Buddhism retrieved its influence over Zanskar in the 8th century.

The border conflicts among India, Pakistan and China kept this place secluded for visitors and foreigners.  During the wars over borders, Ladakh had to sacrifice two thirds of its territory. The first road of this place, connecting to Padum with the road between Srinagar to Ladakh, was built in 1979. Zanskar, once a restricted area, was opened in 1974 only to foreigners.

Zanskar is renowned for trekking, mountaineering and rafting. Apart from that, it is also popular for its snow-capped peaks. The Zanskar River, which flows in the valley, gives opportunity for rafting. On the way to Zanskar from Leh, tourists can visit Mulbek, which is popular for a huge sculpture of the Buddha on a rock.

The way between Ringdum from Mulbek offers the view of snow covered mountains and two highest peaks of Nun and Kun. Zangla, once ruled by a titular king, is 35 kilometres away from Zanskar and offers views of the austere life style of a small community of nuns. Another popular place is Remala, a village that comes on the way to Zanskar. Zongkhul, which is located in the trekking trail of Padum to Kishtwar, is popular for its cave monasteries.

Zanskar does not have any airport of its own. The nearest airport to the place is Leh. It takes an hour to reach Leh from Delhi. Jammu is the nearest railway station. Tourists can take the Srinagar route to Leh to reach this place. Manali route is another option available for travellers to reach Zanskar. 

'Niagra falls of India'.

"Athirapilly : Calling Nature lovers !"

Athirappilly Experience: Travel approx 70 + kms from Cochin and then you reach Athirappilly, known for its beautiful waterfalls.It is a perfect one day trip to escape into the lush greenery from the busy city life. Beyond Athirappilly and the nearby waterfalls Vazhachal,lies the Sholyar ranges. This place maintains a rich flora and fauna and is the nest to many rare species of birds.The waterfalls are a part of the beautiful Chalakudy river.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Main attraction here is obviously the waterfalls and the road that leads you to them. Ezhattumugham prakrithi gramam would also be a good pitstop on the way to the falls. It is a park on the side of a check-dam at Ezhattumugham. If well kept this park can attract more tourists. Silverstorm amusement park Athirappilly would also be a good place to check out. On the way to Athirappilly and Vazhachal waterfalls there are many number of pitstops, rather view points for tourists to get down and take a walk. The lush greenery and water on either sides at few places adds to the scenic beauty. The beauty of this place has been brought into celluloid with much perfection by famous director Mani Ratnam in his film Raavan. I had stayed at rainforest resort, Athirampilly and since it is a luxury resort, their rates are on the higher side. But the amenities they offer are worth the rates. They have a well maintained pool, super spacious rooms, the walking area inside the resort is huge and its kept natural.The best part is if you could get to stay in the tree house (just 1 there ) and the direct view of the waterfalls that you get to see right from your window.They also have a private path that takes you to the waterfalls. If you are ready to spend a good sum on your stay then Rainforests (Abad property ) is the right choice for you.

Activities & things to do: As far as i know, there are no water games,boating or adventure sports being offered here. Travelers can walk up till the waterfalls over the rocks (at certain places they are slippery )There are guides/forest officers to ensure the safety of visitors and to make sure they do now get into areas marked as dangerous for swimming.If you go to silverstorm, that can easily take up a half day of yours.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Easily accessible from Angamaly or Chalakudy side. If your are taking the route from Angamaly, you pass Ezhattumugham too. But being a hard core traveler, the route i loved and would suggest would be coming from Pollachi side and then crossing Valparai and then cutting the dense Malakkiparai forests and then reaching Vazhachal Athirapalli. If you are lucky enough you can get to see wild elephants, bison or may be even a tiger :) Have seen news articles of tiger been spotted in Malakkaparai area.

" This area is where the spectacular waterfalls are.."

"Waterfall Heaven But Only in the Monsoons!"

Malshejghat Experience: Malshej Ghat is precisely that, a densely forested mountainous region at about 800m AMSL surrounded by higher mountain ranges such as Harishchandragad. The state highway from Kalyan to Ahmednagar goes through a tunnel in this mountain. This area is where the spectacular waterfalls are.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Food: Pack your own. After Saralgaon, there is only the MTDC and Hotel Sushant further down the road. There is no petrol pump between Murbad and Junnar so tank up! Sightseeing: Waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls, a few coming over the road like a tunnel you can drive your vehicle through! But these are in spate only in mid monsoons. Misty mountains with clouds passing through you every now and then. The forest is beautiful and green with a few decent sized streams as well. Botanists delight. Good sightings of butterflies and wildflowers post monsoons and birds in the dry season.
Activities & things to do: Enjoy the waterfalls and the spectacular scenery. Trek to Naneghat if you wish to or drive further to Junnar and Shivneri fort, or to Lenyadri and the Ashtavinayaka site of Girijatmaka. The adventurous can trek to Harishchandragad. The Pimpalgaon dam beyond Malshej Ghat is supposed to have monsoon flamingoes but I've never seen them in all these years. Better sightings at Sewree in Mumbai city!
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Avoid going there on monsoon weekends / public holidays when all the drunken hooligans of Mumbai will descend to spoil the atmosphere and harass families. Week days are perfect when you will have the place to yourself. Respect nature, enjoy but do not spoil this pristine place with litter. There is no garbage clearance service here. Please take your rubbish back to city limits.

Mumbai-Pune expressway!

Pune Experience: Pune is known for pleasant climate and colleges. Pune is filled with students from various colleges and of course their two wheelers. The only drawback about this city is poor transportation unlike the capital mumbai. Auto rickshaws and cabs are the only quick means of transportation though you cannot depend completely on public transport, but beware of corning auto drivers. Make sure you fix the meter before you get in. People here are very friendly and you can always seek help from anybody before you go around the city. Overall a pleasant place with nice climate and clean atmosphere filled with lot of greenery.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Don't miss Furgusen college road if you are a foodie, you will find vast varieties of road side authentic local food, and this area also has many restaurants serving various cuisine from north Indian to South Indian to chocolates & ice cream shops to continental food. This road in particular has lot of buzz filled with college students till midnight. There are not much of sight seeing in the city though you will find many expats who particularly visit osho ashram in koregoan park. Koregoan park is one happening place in pune known for multi-cusine restaurants, pubs and good hotels.

Activities & things to do: None
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Conveniently located pune is one of the major cities of India and can be reachable from various means of transport. Pune has good railway connection from anywhere in India. The city also has a airport connecting flights from everywhere in India. Mumbai is about 180 km from Pune which has access to international airport and seaport as well.

Beautiful "Snow Path"

Photo: HolidayIQ traveller Asha Singh submitted this wonderful photo.
Find out where she discovered this beautiful "Snow Path" here--->

"A Date with the Monsoon !!!"

 Malshejghat Experience: If you are longing to have a monsoon break and want to peep into the clouds and the rains, there is no place like the Malshej Ghats within a 140 kms distance from the hectic Mumbai ! Once you decide to kick yourself out of a lazy monsoon week-end, a feast of greens in all imaginable tones for the eyes and cleanest oxy-rich air you can ever breathe .... awaits you !!!
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: The lone choice for the food is MTDC, but who cares for food when you have a feast of greenery, clouds and the rains !!! Drive down the ghats, you have many options. .For a change, no shopping please .... except for the local voilet flowers and the hot-hot bhuttas(corn) !!!
Activities & things to do: Just wander all over the place, as if enjoying rains is your only objective. Carry all the umbrellas, wind-cheaters and the rain coats, you own !!! If all that cannot protect you, the best recommendation is to go prepared for a full-time drench. If you want to seriously know the places to see.... a small temple on the ghat, the tunnel, the projection of a small hilly protrusion over-seeing the valley (next to tunnel) and the main plateau of Malshej Ghat, next to MTDC.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: If you love a long drive with minimal traffic,leave early and beat the city traffic.... Hit the road and after a lovely drive of less than 3 hours, you are in the top-most point of the ghats ! The drive is enjoyable than the destination. If you were to resist the temptation of stopping near a brook or a fall, you are some one


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Cruising the Coast

Much is made of the beautiful culture and great entertainment found through mainland Spain, but there is just as much to be made of the stunning scenery. Your holiday in Spain can be enjoyed more so by heading off the beaten track than just touring the cities and well known hot spots.

The ability to travel at your own accord whilst on holiday opens up a lot more opportunities for adventure so why not consider car hire? Barcelona is one of Spain’s greatest cities but been able to travel along the coast when you feel like would be a great way to explore more.

Have you considered travelling across Spain to explore all the hidden gems along the coast? You will find many relaxing havens that the world’s leading travel agents haven’t exploited just yet. Holidays in Spain were once a chance to retreat from out busy live and relax on a sun kissed coast where the easy living dream could be realised, if only for a week or so. Nowadays it seems like a holiday can be more stress than your usual day-to-day life thanks to the many hyper holiday reps and regulars to the 18-30 club scene.

There could be few genuinely exciting holiday experiences where you get to see the true side of the country you visiting. You could embark on a coast crawl if you start in Barcelona and head down to Alicante, or you use Alicante car hire and make you way up to Barcelona. Using two cities as your start and end point means that you are able to leave you car with another branch of your care hire service.

Next time you’re planning a holiday consider the opportunities that are there to help you beat the typical Mediterranean experience and make summer a truly memorable experience!

Stretching Every Penny

If you are thinking that a holiday to foreign shores is a little beyond your budget this year then you should consider what is available to you in and around the UK. Throughout Britain there are many places where you can enjoy a relaxing break in the countryside or a lively and fun experience of city life.

London is one of the most popular cities worldwide where people come to take in all the history and culture during a short visit. During anytime of the year you can discover some really affordable low cost deals to visit England’s capital and enjoy all it has to offer. This is made more evident due to the fact that there is plenty of budget accommodation London. Well known international chains as well as popular domestic hotels can be found all over London which can really help structure your budget when you are considering a short break.

Why not take a tip from the students who enjoy city breaks all over the world and manage do so on a shoestring budget. With the use of hostels you can keep accommodation costs down to a minimum which will in turn allow you to spend more on enjoying yourself. The cheap cost of youth hostels London doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the standard either, many people have the preconception that hostels are of a very low standard, but in fact they offer better service than many hotels.

London is a vibrant city where people come to explore the great history of Britain, or indulge themselves in the intoxicating culture and arts. With so much to see and do you will find that London is an inexpensive option if you want a low budget break this year.

Why You Should Your Next Holiday Through Apartment Letting Websites Like Wimdu

A traditional package holiday is great for those of us who just want to laze about in the sun sipping cocktails, but what options are there for travellers who want more from their break but do not want to go on an ‘adventure’ holiday packed full of trips and activities? This is where private apartment letting sites like wimdu come into their own.


If you are interested in visiting a city but want to avoid the areas that are traditionally popular with tourists, these sites are where you should start your search. For example, you can find furnished apartments in Istanbul that are located in the heart of the city, close to transport links and hosted by a resident. When you stay at in a private apartment or rent a room in a local’s home, you are not just paying for somewhere to lay your head at night; you are paying for your host’s local knowledge. Who better to tell you where the best restaurants or art galleries and museums are than someone who has an acute knowledge of the area? Who is better placed than someone with local knowledge to inform you of where the tourist hotspots in the city are and what times you should avoid going there?

It is a requirement of booking with these private lettings sites that upon returning from your break you produce a review detailing your experience with your host. This means that you can find out about the quality of the accommodation and your host without committing to booking with anyone. You should keep in mind that reviews are entirely subjective and one guest may have a completely different experience to the next. It is recommended that you use caution and common sense before you decide where you will be staying and who you will be staying with.

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Tourist Tips for Jamaica Villas

Jamaica is definitely a top ten tourist spot. Thousands of people migrate there every year, whether just so spend their few weeks of vacation, to live for a month, or even in some cases to transfer permanently. No matter what type of person you are, if you are making a trip to Jamaica, then you are in for a time of fun and adventure. However, there are a few things that you need to do to make sure that your time there is as incredible as possible.

Tip 1: Spend Smart

First of all, just because it’s vacation doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. Vacations are all about planning and budgeting, and while that might seem like too much work, you’ll thank yourself when it’s over. If not, you’ll just end up spending far more than necessary.
If you’re going to be staying in one of the many luxury Jamaica villas, then that’s great for you. There are many extremely quality villas in Jamaica that offer reasonable prices, and if you’re smart, you can get them for better prices. Renting in advance could save you a great deal off your bill.
You can also save money vacationing if you plan your vacation to fall during a time when most people aren’t vacationing. Beachfront villas always cost less during downtime, as do plane tickets and most other expenses you’ll come up against. Plan your vacation wisely so that as little is spent as possible, and you’ll have much greater ease of mind than otherwise.

Tip 2: Bring Extra Currency

Nothing talks like money in Jamaica, just like everywhere else in the world. Bringing extra cash could get you out of a heap of troubles and ensure that no emergency come up which you are unprepared for. Jamaica accepts US dollars, and most currencies are easy to change if need be.

Be sure that your money is kept in a safe place, however. Just because Jamaica seems like a paradise, and Jamaica villas seem safe, doesn’t mean that some people will snatch at your money if they have a chance. Put valuables away in your villa room, keep case in a secure place on your body, and take as many precautions as possible to protect yourself and your family.

Jamaica is an incredible place to visit, especially if you get the chance to enjoy one of the beachfront villas. Bring mosquito repellant, appropriate clothing, and a happy face, and Jamaica will be a dream come true vacation for you.

Provinssirock in Finland

Having its 31st time in June 12 to 14 of 2009, the Provinssirock is now the largest international rock festival in Finland. This three-day festival is annually held in Seinajoki City. Founded by Kemu ry in 1992, the known festival is now run by Seinajoki Live Music Association and Selmu ry. Since it existence in 1979, the festival’s audience steadily growing with its all time high last 20008 festival with 75,000 visitors with the then 2-day even turned into a three days of fun and exciting music.


Aside from watching those local and international bands performing, there are many activities that the festival visitors can do within the festival area. They have various bars in the area that are licensed in selling strong alcohol. Getting into the bars requires its visitors to show an identification to prove their age, for strong alcohol are only sold to visitors above 18 years old. There are also camping areas within the festival sites and fires are allowed at the specially marked camp fire places only.
Running out of cash will never be a problem when visiting the Provinssirock because cash dispensers and bankcards are also situated around the festival area making it easy for the visitors to withdraw money if needed. Besides, majority of the bars in the festival areas accepts credit cards. However, the shops are on cash basis only.
The Provinssirock has East and Wes entrances with the West entrance closer to those who are from the Kyrkosjarvi camping and to those who are taking the taxi from the city to the festival area. Guests with wristbands are only the ones allowed to enter the festival area.  Visitors must take note that broken wristbands will not be honoured. Festival tickets will be changed to wristband upon entering the festival entrances. To avoid the rush, one can also change their tickets to a wristband in advance.

Olympic fever hits London

With the 2012 Olympics approaching London is a hive of activity and is sure to be an amazing place to visit when the Olympics get underway, even for those who weren’t lucky enough to get their hands on tickets. London has a great sporting heritage, and the Olympic Games next year could be the pinnacle, get your hands on budget accommodation London as soon as possible as it is likely that every possible room will be snapped up.


The truly multicultural city of London will reach a new level when the 2012 games come to town and I am sure Londoners will embrace the thousands of people attending the events. With amazing sights and attractions such as Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, and many more to keep the sporting tourists entertained, it will be more than a trip a stadium to watch an event, it will be the experience of London as a whole that people will remember.

If you get your hostel in London there are a number of things I would recommend seeing/doing:


London’s West End is one of the world’s top destinations for theatre so it is definitely worth while taking in a show one night, especially around Leicester Square or Shaftesbury Avenue which always have a buzzing atmosphere in the evening.

Open top bus tour – by far the best way to take in the best sights of London.

Shopping trip to Oxford Street – Maybe not everyone’s ideal activity, but Oxford Street, along with Regent Street are the prime shopping areas of London with flagship stores of all British major retailers.

Pubs & Bars – No matter where you are in London you certainly won’t struggle to find pubs and bars. The South Bank of the Thames is lined with great pubs with fantastic views of the city, and the areas surrounding the Olympic venues will be packed with fans if you are lucky enough to be here at that time.

London Bridge

Borough Market – If you like food you’ll certainly love this place, although considered slightly expensive it’s certainly worth a visit to treat yourself to some culinary delights.

So as the Olympics gets closer the excitement will rise in the capital, and whether your here for the games, or just visiting for a weekend prior to them, London will not disappoint! The cultural mix, and hustle and bustle you get from most major cities provides a brilliant atmosphere, the locals are friendly and I have no doubt you won’t forget the London experience.

Kerala Beaches

Kerala has a 600 km long shoreline dotted with some of the finest,internationally known, most charming beaches of the world, coconut groves, natural harbors, lagoons and sheltered coves.The beaches and shorelines of Kerala, washed by the pleasant tropical sun, are peaceful and pristine as ever and contribute to the attraction of domestic and international tourists.

Beaches of Kerala are at their best in Kovalam. Situated on the Malabar Coast, Kovalam Beach is full of swaying coconut trees and has gained fame with the sea surfers all over the world.Kerala is known throughout the world as one of the worlds best beach destinations. The beaches of Kerala are beautiful stretches of clean sand, fringed by swaying palm trees on one side and rippling waves on the other. You can have a memorable beach holiday on the beaches of Kerala.

Visitors to Kerala beaches get to relax on the golden sands of the beaches of Kerala, or stretch out in the shade of the rows of palm trees along the beaches, drinking the refreshing juice of tender coconuts and maybe undergoing an ayurvedic massage.Kovalam,Varkala,Marari,Alappuzha,Kappad and Bekkal are some of the popular beaches of Kerala.

The River Retreat Resort:


The River Retreat offers 24 fully furnished air conditioned guest rooms. All these have soothing blend of ancient royal ambience and modern day amenities. The rooms have been done in soft and sober colors. The fabrics are in perfect harmony with the rest of ambience of the room.A true reflection of the luxury and plush enjoyed by the then royals.

::  Ayurvedic rejuvenation centre.
::  24 heritage rooms.
::  Riviera: Multi cuisine restaurant.
::  White Sands: Well stocked bar.
::  Air-conditioned conference hall.
::  Swimming pool.
::  Health Club.
::  Lush green lawn.
::  Childrens play area.
::  Customized Holiday packages.
::  Highly skilled and experienced masseurs.
::  Set in pristine and calming environment.
::  Regular shows of performing arts.
::  Facilities for sight-seeing of the nearby areas.


Holy Basil, aestheticaly built-in Ayurveda treatment centre, reveals the responsive and caring imperial and genuine healing magic in The River Retreat style under the medical supervision of God-gifted ayurvedic legend Thaikot Moosad and Dr. Nambi.

Ayurveda, the science of life and longivity epitomizes the harmonic blending of the body, mind and spirit of the individual with the cosmos. According to yhe hindu mythology, Brahma, the cosmic creator composed ayurvedda in a hundred thousand verses and presented it to humanity.

This ancient therapy, which is as old as the civilization that treasured it and which it nurtured, continues to flourish in the land south of the Himalayas. In a region rich in biodiversity, the herbal therapy has stood the test of time and proven itself natures panacea for all ailments of body and mind.

Sree Chithra Ayur Home & Nursing Home

Sree Chithra Ayur Home, is the one and only specialty ayurvedic centre, approved by Govt of Kerala, with Green Leaf Classification and run by two highly qualified doctors with post graduation in ayurveda, who are members of Perumbillyssery Tharavadu, a family produced veteran doctors in ayurveda for generations and can claim a heredity of more than 400 years in ayurvedic traditional field.  Sree Chithra Ayur Home, situated on the bank of river at Manathala, a village still retaining the bucolic backdrop and the hygienic environment, carry out both swasthavrutha and athura vrutha so efficiently, that clients, not only from india but from all over the world come here for rejuvenation therapy as well as seeking treatments for specific diseases.

Why Ayurveda? 
Over 5000 years people trust on Ayuveda as it is proved that only Ayurvedic Treatment is devoid of any side effects compared to other branches of Medical Science. Ayurveda gives more emphasis on uprooting the Cause of the disease and there by giving permanent Immunity, whereas others go for instant reliefs by which eliminating impurities from the body becomes Impossible.

Sree Chithra Ayur Home 
Sree Chithra Ayur Home gives importance for the maintenance of physical and mental health.A Nalukettu constructed according to Vaasthu concepts and under the supervision of experts in both modern and vaasthu technology is a unique building. You get a special atmosphere of the gone days along with all modern facilities. The non polluted and non stop cool breeze in this original Interior Village Atmosphere gives you a refreshing experience. The coolness given by the thickly grown coconut trees and the beautiful sight of the pure water river running by the side of the building will definitely give mental and physical energy and vigour.

I T Ayurveda - A unique Ayurvedic Therapy for Computer Professionals
RSI – Repetitive Stress Injuries & CRI – Computer Related Injuries 
Ayurveda is only solution for a permanent cure from all the diseases without any side effects. It brings back the equilibrium of body and mind Ayurveda treatment can be taken as a preventive measure too. Proven positive results show that more than 95% of people have escaped diseases connected to IT by taking Ayurvedic treatment as a precautionary measure.

Back Pain Aurveda :
Back pain is common pain in the modern world. Reasons are many. Back pain can be considered as an injury related to computer and IT. Sitting still for long can cause back ache. Lifting ways, lying on un even surfaces etc.. also can cause back pain. Once started, every minute it increases and finally reach an intolerable state. Those who use vehicles - Two Wheelers or Four wheelers- also suffer from back ache due to various reasons. Disk collapse is one of the main reasons for back ache. Ayurveda treatment has found very effective in curing and as a preventive method. Every day so many come to Sree Chithra Ayur Home seeking treatments for back ache and spondylosis.

Infertility Treatments in Ayurveda
This happens due to the imbalance of three Doshas, Thridoshas - Vatha, Pitha and kapha. The imbalance may cause absence of sperm or reduced sperm count etc.. in men . So also it causes inflammation or infection of the uterus in female. The result would be infertility. Ayurveda treatment is to eradicate the root cause and there by purify the entire body externally and internally to bring back normality to every internal and external organs.
Since the causes are found different, the treatment in Ayurveda is done separately for male and female. 100% positive results are obtained at Sree Chithra Ayur Home and completely satisfied couples give us more and more energy to continue our experiments in this field.

Obesity Ayurveda
Obesity is another factor caused by the imbalance of Thridoshas. Most of them, suffering over weight would be of Kapha prakruthi-the imbalance of kapha - one of the three doshas. Digestive power of these people would be very low. Over weight can also happen when the nutrients are not properly supplied to the body or accumulation and there by exaggeration of such characteristics. Ayurveda treatment, by which, every nervous system as well as internal and external organs get stimulated and accelerated, is an apt remedy for obesity. A minimum of 14 days’ scientific Ayurvedic treatment assures normality. Sree Chithra Ayur Home has records of shelling out 12kg within 19 days, still maintaining the same energy and vigor.

Hereditary Ayurveda
The heredity of Sree Chithra Ayur Home can counted back to 400 years. An ancient family, Perumbillissery, still retain the 100% purity of Ayurvedic science. Treatments are being done, adhering strictly on the advises inscribed in the palm leaves (Thaliyola Grandham), preserved by the family for generations. Added to the knowledge and experience obtained by heridity, the new generation of this family had secured higher qualification from Ayurveda Universities. Sree Chithra Ayur Home has no compromise, they stick on to the 100% scientific approach to Ayurveda as there predecessors.

Arthritis Ayurveda
Imbalance of Thridoshas is the reason for Arthritis. The different symptoms show which of the three doshas are affected to a person.Mainly people approach Sree Chithra Ayur Home with complaints of joins pain, difficulty for mobilization of limbs etc.. Arthritis caused by indigestion and accumulation of undigested toxins in joints freezing and aching the joints. Ayurveda treatments stimulates the entire system and accelerate digestive power.

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Bardenas Reales – Europe’s secret Wuste

In the southeast of Navarre, only two hours drive from Bilbao, is the Bardenas Biosphere Reserve, have cut with 420km ² of Europe’s largest desert, the wind and water in a bizarrely fascinating landscape.

Clay, limestone and sandstone rocks form high plateaus, canyons and playful shapes that make up the harsh semi-desert area of ​​the Spanish countryside and take a surreal dream of shepherds on the way to cyclists, walkers or riders all kinds of people in the spell.

The zones of the Bardenas

The biosphere reserve Bardenas consists of different zones, of which especially the White Bardena and Black Bardena are remarkable. While the Bardena Blanca with its gypsum-bearing soil, the canyons and plains, and the steppe-like landscape comes closest to a desert, can be found in the Bardena Negra Pine forests and eroded chalk rock. With the Eguaras Vedado, The Boo Corner and Falls of the Black Three parts of the Bardenas as Nature Reserves shown to preserve the biodiversity of the reserve maintained. Thus, in the Rincón del BU headquarters and golden eagles and owls, only two of over twenty raptor species that occur in the Bardenas.
Trips to Europe’s largest desert

Who wants to spend several days in Bardenas can, in Hotel Aire de Bardenas , are among the invited guests, with its large panoramic windows, even from your bed in the barren Moonscape take in the desert and is suitable as a starting point for excursions into the desert. You can explore the area of ​​Bardenas in many ways. About 700km of trails and paths meander through the rock formations and are Hiking equally suitable for Biking or Rides. Do not miss the famous rock formation Castildetierra and Pizquerra. Also the view points Aguilares high and Pilate’s balcony, Of which one has a wonderful view of the different zones and the local Birds of Prey can observe, are a must.
A spectacle which offers itself in the Biosphere Reserve is once a year, the Sanmiguelada on 18 September, when tens of thousands of sheep to Pyrenees in the warm semi-desert of the real Bardeas be driven to spend the winter here. For wine, music and local food is the Sanmiguelada a good start or end a visit to Europe’s hidden desert.

Looking for Cheap Flights to Malaga

--> Are you looking for cheap flights to Malaga Spain? Well, the sea-side Spanish city is recognized for its superb weather, beautiful beaches, numerous museums, extraordinary cuisine, vibrant nightlife which altogether makes it a must visit tourist destination especially among the Europeans. And you will get lot of airlines that offer cheap flights to Malaga Spain. Airlines running at the city airport provide a broad range of flights in different destinations all over the world. The flights arriving and departing from Malaga airport fly to 60 foreign countries altogether. The airport is a huge one with a crowd of almost 13 million people every year.

In case you are searching for good discounts on flight fare you must talk to the airlines directly browsing their online website or via travel agent. It’s always recommended to use the internet in these cases since it’s the place for making the market research and that too within a few hours. There are various airlines that come with their own terms and offers. A thorough market research is very important for an effective comparison before booking the ticket as per your convenience. Don’t complain about the time as a suitable deal ultimately leads to a lot of monetary saving.

The most lucrative airline deals are usually available for the flights that operate in and around the European community. Some of the highly cheap flights to Malaga would be found from the North European nations. These include the flights from Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom. Most of them are the direct flights. In case, you are traveling from the Northern American States, it’s really hard to get direct flights if you are searching for discount airfare. There would be minimum 1 layover. The first halt would be either in Ireland or United Kingdom. In some cases, there is a second halt somewhere in one of the major Spanish airports.

However, there are always certain limitations while you are availing a cheap flight since a considerable portion of your convenience has to be compromised for the better fares. So, don’t complain of fewer services. The most common restriction is laid on the quantity of carry bags. Thus, check out how many luggage would be allowed before buying the ticket. Also verify how much they charge for extra fees on additional carry bags. And yes do not forget to bring your own drinks and food as most of the discount airlines usually do not provide refreshments.

Becoming a volunteer in Africa

If you have a dream to explore the vivacious continent of Africa while you give back something at the same time, you are simply thinking of becoming a volunteer in Africa. There are a number of volunteering opportunities available throughout this vast beautiful continent which you can choose according to your interest. You can select from teaching in schools in Morocco or Ethiopia, helping kids in Kenya or Tanzania, conserving wild life in South Africa or working for human rights in Togo or Ghana. You will have a number of non-profit organizations or private or governmental agencies that offer chance to volunteer overseas in various developing countries including Thailand, Africa, India, Fiji, Nepal and others. These serve as fantastic platform of learning, educating, conserving the wild and contributing to the lives of those in need.


willing to enjoy new adventurous experience in Africa. Apart from this, any participant from all nationalities, professional or non professional background, with or without special skills can apply for a project to volunteer overseas. Generally there are no restrictions over the duration for any volunteers stay in the host country and one can customize the place, project and length of stay in Africa as most preferable. Every volunteer is made to stay with a carefully selected host family where you will always feel welcomed. They will be eager to know about you and your life back in your country and in this way you will get to interact with the living of new community and its people. While you work in Africa as a volunteer, you will also have time to travel and tour the beautiful cities of the continent and witness an exciting experience to carry it back home. This is the best way one can make a difference in others lives as well as in their own.


Becoming a volunteer overseas brings in a chance to make new friends, amass some ever lasting memories and leave a huge impact on the lives of local community of the host countries. So if you choose to be a volunteer in Africa you will certainly help improve many needy lives and have a taste of their culture which will be a memorable experience for you to appreciate for years to come.

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Havana – A trip to the capital of Cuba’s

Havana is connected to a modern and cosmopolitan city with an ancient past and today’s turbulent presence. It is the center of the civilized, social and economic life in this country.

Havana has about 2.2 million inhabitants the third largest city in the Caribbean. The city center was the authentic UNESCO Declared a World Heritage Site. The city flourishes with its versatile beauty, wide streets, busy streets and historic buildings. La Habana Vieja, Old Havana, offers different attractions.
Fascination Havana

The Parque Central, La Catedral and La Plaza de Armas beautiful examples of colonial architecture present. Endless cafes, bars and restaurants can be found in many streets of Havana. The most popular bars are the La Bodeguita del Medio and the Floridita. There used to drink the famous writer Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drink Mojito and Daiquiri. Attraction in the center of the capital is the Plaza de la Revolución. This place is characterized by a high stone boundary associated with the statue of the poet and Freedom hero Jose Marti. The Plaza de la Revolución is encompassed by the Home Office with a huge steel image of Che Guevara, the Government House and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba. Close by is the largest cemetery in America, the Cementerio Cristóbal Colón. Also worth seeing is the Malecón, the famous promenade.

These and many other attractions make one Cuba Vacation worth seeing. Havana at night is a fantastic attraction by the many dance clubs and discos. Here you also get the real life feel of salsa dance and in no other country like Cuba can this experience it firsthand. Havana offers a terrific insight into the life of the Cuban population, by the openness of the Cuban people and their culture. The charm of the city of Havana makes it a special experience and will remind you of a memorable Cuban holiday.