Tuesday, 25 June 2013

"A Date with the Monsoon !!!"

 Malshejghat Experience: If you are longing to have a monsoon break and want to peep into the clouds and the rains, there is no place like the Malshej Ghats within a 140 kms distance from the hectic Mumbai ! Once you decide to kick yourself out of a lazy monsoon week-end, a feast of greens in all imaginable tones for the eyes and cleanest oxy-rich air you can ever breathe .... awaits you !!!
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: The lone choice for the food is MTDC, but who cares for food when you have a feast of greenery, clouds and the rains !!! Drive down the ghats, you have many options. .For a change, no shopping please .... except for the local voilet flowers and the hot-hot bhuttas(corn) !!!
Activities & things to do: Just wander all over the place, as if enjoying rains is your only objective. Carry all the umbrellas, wind-cheaters and the rain coats, you own !!! If all that cannot protect you, the best recommendation is to go prepared for a full-time drench. If you want to seriously know the places to see.... a small temple on the ghat, the tunnel, the projection of a small hilly protrusion over-seeing the valley (next to tunnel) and the main plateau of Malshej Ghat, next to MTDC.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: If you love a long drive with minimal traffic,leave early and beat the city traffic.... Hit the road and after a lovely drive of less than 3 hours, you are in the top-most point of the ghats ! The drive is enjoyable than the destination. If you were to resist the temptation of stopping near a brook or a fall, you are some one


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