Tuesday, 25 June 2013

About Hogenakkal Tourism

Hogenakkal is a small town in Tamil Nadu on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border, which is known for its waterfall. The Hogenakkal Waterfall is a famous picnic spot. It is located at a height of 750 feet in the Melagiri Hills. Its water is said to have healing powers.

Hogenakkal Waterfalls, called as the Niagara of India are a sequence of falls. The wide flow of the Kaveri River gets split at this point, forms an island and plunges into a deep gulf to create one of the most beautiful waterfalls. The rocks thus get there name as Hogenakkal, which means ‘smoking rock’.

This seashore bath is well-known for coracle rides and masseurs. The noise of the Kaveri River, noisy between pebbly banks, is a regular attendance at most places in Hogenakkal. An additional attraction is the diving skill of the local kids, who show somersaults for a charge. They jump from a height of approximately 30 feet into the stream and go up straight back on the rocks within seconds.

Tourists can take a coracle trip from one corner of the river to the other. The coracles or spherical basket boats are enclosed with black synthetic sheets and take tourists across the waterway to the base of the falls. The best time to visit Hogenakkal is during the rainy season when the river overflows.

Hogenakkal is a popular daytrip destination from Bangalore and nearby cities. It is just over 130 km from Bangalore and bus services are available from Bangalore in Karnataka and Salem in Tamil Nadu. The nearest airport is Bangalore International Airport and the nearest rail station is at Dharmapuri and Salem.

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