Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bardenas Reales – Europe’s secret Wuste

In the southeast of Navarre, only two hours drive from Bilbao, is the Bardenas Biosphere Reserve, have cut with 420km ² of Europe’s largest desert, the wind and water in a bizarrely fascinating landscape.

Clay, limestone and sandstone rocks form high plateaus, canyons and playful shapes that make up the harsh semi-desert area of ​​the Spanish countryside and take a surreal dream of shepherds on the way to cyclists, walkers or riders all kinds of people in the spell.

The zones of the Bardenas

The biosphere reserve Bardenas consists of different zones, of which especially the White Bardena and Black Bardena are remarkable. While the Bardena Blanca with its gypsum-bearing soil, the canyons and plains, and the steppe-like landscape comes closest to a desert, can be found in the Bardena Negra Pine forests and eroded chalk rock. With the Eguaras Vedado, The Boo Corner and Falls of the Black Three parts of the Bardenas as Nature Reserves shown to preserve the biodiversity of the reserve maintained. Thus, in the Rincón del BU headquarters and golden eagles and owls, only two of over twenty raptor species that occur in the Bardenas.
Trips to Europe’s largest desert

Who wants to spend several days in Bardenas can, in Hotel Aire de Bardenas , are among the invited guests, with its large panoramic windows, even from your bed in the barren Moonscape take in the desert and is suitable as a starting point for excursions into the desert. You can explore the area of ​​Bardenas in many ways. About 700km of trails and paths meander through the rock formations and are Hiking equally suitable for Biking or Rides. Do not miss the famous rock formation Castildetierra and Pizquerra. Also the view points Aguilares high and Pilate’s balcony, Of which one has a wonderful view of the different zones and the local Birds of Prey can observe, are a must.
A spectacle which offers itself in the Biosphere Reserve is once a year, the Sanmiguelada on 18 September, when tens of thousands of sheep to Pyrenees in the warm semi-desert of the real Bardeas be driven to spend the winter here. For wine, music and local food is the Sanmiguelada a good start or end a visit to Europe’s hidden desert.

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