Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Cruising the Coast

Much is made of the beautiful culture and great entertainment found through mainland Spain, but there is just as much to be made of the stunning scenery. Your holiday in Spain can be enjoyed more so by heading off the beaten track than just touring the cities and well known hot spots.

The ability to travel at your own accord whilst on holiday opens up a lot more opportunities for adventure so why not consider car hire? Barcelona is one of Spain’s greatest cities but been able to travel along the coast when you feel like would be a great way to explore more.

Have you considered travelling across Spain to explore all the hidden gems along the coast? You will find many relaxing havens that the world’s leading travel agents haven’t exploited just yet. Holidays in Spain were once a chance to retreat from out busy live and relax on a sun kissed coast where the easy living dream could be realised, if only for a week or so. Nowadays it seems like a holiday can be more stress than your usual day-to-day life thanks to the many hyper holiday reps and regulars to the 18-30 club scene.

There could be few genuinely exciting holiday experiences where you get to see the true side of the country you visiting. You could embark on a coast crawl if you start in Barcelona and head down to Alicante, or you use Alicante car hire and make you way up to Barcelona. Using two cities as your start and end point means that you are able to leave you car with another branch of your care hire service.

Next time you’re planning a holiday consider the opportunities that are there to help you beat the typical Mediterranean experience and make summer a truly memorable experience!

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