Sunday, 2 June 2013

Like if you can see the Beautiful Rainbow

"A City of waterfalls and caves."

Jagdalpur Experience: An excellent destination. Awesome Chitrakoot Tirathgarh and Thamda Ghumar waterfalls. Amazing Folklore. Innocent tribal people. A talented tribal art. Have you ever known about Niagara falls in India ? Please visit Chitrakoot. Soak in the crystal clear waters at Tirathgarh falls. Crawl into the limestone caves. Very resourceful land. Tribals love their land. No plastics no rubbish . Its only greenery, rocks and water...Nature at its best. Breathtaking Kutumsar and Kailashnath Limestone caves. All just in a two day stay. Whats more... journey from Jagdalpur to Visakhapatnam by train is a visual retreat. Unfortunately no good facilities for tourists. No good hotels except 'The Jagadalpur Inn'. But you get good restaurants.Rajasthani Thali hotel is simple by itself and decent enough.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Shopping at Govt Tribal Art Outlets on the way to Chitrakoot falls. Chitrakoot and Tirathgarh falls.. not to be missed at all. Rajasthani Thali Hotel.. A good hotel indeed.
Activities & things to do: Just admiring the beauty of nature.. whats more do you need.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Jadalpur is Head Quarters of Batar district. Frequent Buses are available from state capital Raipur. Journey for about 6-7 hrs. Morning Passenger train from Vishakapatnam. Train No. 1VK. Starts at 0645h and reaches Jagdalpur at 1600h. A beautiful stretch. First and Second class reservations available. Make sure you tie up with TTE and packed lunch ordered en route.