Tuesday, 25 June 2013

" This area is where the spectacular waterfalls are.."

"Waterfall Heaven But Only in the Monsoons!"

Malshejghat Experience: Malshej Ghat is precisely that, a densely forested mountainous region at about 800m AMSL surrounded by higher mountain ranges such as Harishchandragad. The state highway from Kalyan to Ahmednagar goes through a tunnel in this mountain. This area is where the spectacular waterfalls are.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Food: Pack your own. After Saralgaon, there is only the MTDC and Hotel Sushant further down the road. There is no petrol pump between Murbad and Junnar so tank up! Sightseeing: Waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls, a few coming over the road like a tunnel you can drive your vehicle through! But these are in spate only in mid monsoons. Misty mountains with clouds passing through you every now and then. The forest is beautiful and green with a few decent sized streams as well. Botanists delight. Good sightings of butterflies and wildflowers post monsoons and birds in the dry season.
Activities & things to do: Enjoy the waterfalls and the spectacular scenery. Trek to Naneghat if you wish to or drive further to Junnar and Shivneri fort, or to Lenyadri and the Ashtavinayaka site of Girijatmaka. The adventurous can trek to Harishchandragad. The Pimpalgaon dam beyond Malshej Ghat is supposed to have monsoon flamingoes but I've never seen them in all these years. Better sightings at Sewree in Mumbai city!
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Avoid going there on monsoon weekends / public holidays when all the drunken hooligans of Mumbai will descend to spoil the atmosphere and harass families. Week days are perfect when you will have the place to yourself. Respect nature, enjoy but do not spoil this pristine place with litter. There is no garbage clearance service here. Please take your rubbish back to city limits.

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